Speaking of “Splatoon” , Nintendo is a very popular shooting game. Since the release of the first WiiU version on May 28, 2015, it has been firmly established as a work that is loved by adults and children, and its popularity has not diminished seven years after its release. The unique “squid” worldview by vivid colors and unique characters is also attractive, and it has gained popularity in the game frame, such as holding events and expanding apparel. And in the fall of 2022, the release of the new “Splatoon 3” has been decided, and the Splatoon whirlwind is going to occur again.

Revolutionary child who combines the concept of “painting” to TPS

WiiU had sluggish sales due to the appearance of PS4 and Xbox, but the explosive hit of Splatoon will return to popular.

“Splatoon” is a TPS (Third Person Shooter) game that operates the player from a third-person perspective. Speaking of TPS until then, the game style of killing the opponent with a gun was the mainstream, but in Splatoon, we use a gun to apply the opponent’s field to proceed with the game. By combining the concept of “painting” to TPS, we have created a casual game style that can be enjoyed by adults and children.

Six months after its release, in December 2015, he recorded 1 million sales in Japan. In addition, users who release creative illustrations and play videos on Twitter, Nico Nico Douga, and YouTube have appeared one after another, which has been greatly exciting on the Internet. With the explosive hit of Splatoon, WiiU, whose sales were sluggish with the appearance of PS4 and Xbox, succeeded in returning popularity.

“Nawabari Battle” that unfolds with simple operability and various actions

In “Splatoon”, we will develop a 4-4 “Nawabari Battle” aiming for a fashionable bancho in a fashionable city: high-color City. The player operates the character inking , paints the ground while using Buki with ink, and the most ground team wins. It also features shooting actions and stealth elements, such as hiding or shooting while switching between human and squid depending on the situation.

The operability of the game is extremely easy. People who are not good at games can be enjoyed if you learn the four operations, such as moving characters with “left stick”, jumping in “X button”, ink with “ZR button”, and “ZL button”. But it is safe.

Another reason is that you can enjoy a variety of actions depending on the choice. Main weapon has various types such as “shooter” and “roller” that can apply ink and “roller” , each of which is the range distance. The attack performance is different. In addition, it is possible to form a unique battle style by combining Sub-Weapon , such as “Bomb” and “Trap” , and special special .

There are also elements that can be customized to your own easy-to-use buki and characters, and it is a game like a “swamp” that enhances content that does not get tired of games from beginners to game freaks.

Experience the new frontier of the series in the latest work “Splatoon 3”!

In “Splatoon 3”, which will be released on September 9, 2022, you can enjoy a power-up Nawabari Battle set in the chaotic city of Bankara City. New elements such as new buki “cue-ink” that can “suck” the opponent’s ink, and “name plate” ** that can appeal to your own player name and two names have been announced. However, I still can’t see the whole picture, and I’m just looking for expectations. Whether you’re a fierce person who has covered the successive series, or a new user who hasn’t played yet, why not enjoy a new Nawabari Battle in Splatoon 3?