10 minutes before dawn – this is a survival game in the Roguelike genre, the purpose of which is to create super -powerful builds to destroy their enemies in 10 minutes. When you are just starting, it is important to remember that the purpose of the game is actually not to win. The meaning of the game is to find all possible ways to defeat enemies using different characters, different weapons and different abilities.

When you first start this rapidly developing adventure, it is quite easy to be stunned, so we decided to create a guide full of advice and techniques for beginners.


There are four characters that you can choose immediately:

* Shan
* Shan can transfer and starts with 3 HP.
* She can play with any weapon with any build, except for the fire gun.

* diamond
* She has the same qualities as Shana.

* Scarlett
* Every third short she can throw a wave of fire, which every second burns enemies for 3 units of damage.
* She can play with any weapon with any build, except for the fire gun.

* She has 2 CP and it is more difficult to play.

* Hina
* She can cause a shadow clone, which allows her to apply the same damage as a bullet.


There are four different weapons that you can choose. They are all the same, with the exception of a gunshot gun, so it depends on your preferred assembly.

crossbow *
* Fire gun


Real meat and potatoes lie in your privileges. The weapon that you use actually does not matter when it comes to the perks that you attached to it.

  • Damage
    Reload *
    attack speed
    call *
    hp *

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* Shield
* Fire
ice *
Movement speed *

You can mix and combine the above privileges as you like, but there are certain combinations that work best:

shells, damage and ice *
* When you use ice as much as possible, you can blow up mobs that can explode bullets, killing other mobs around you.
The speed of movement, shield and lightning
* This combination makes you lightning fast, and lightning literally makes the mobs explode.
Fire and attack speed
* Fire is one of the most pleasant bonuses for the game, so this combination contributes to rapid destruction.
reloading, attack speed, shells and ice *
* This combination may require some practice, but with the right treatment you can literally sit in one place when your enemies fall.

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