The survival horror game The Last of Us has inspired millions of people around the world since its first release in 2013. Since then, the title has received a sequel with the Last of Us Part 2 and a remake of the first part is also planned. In addition, further leaks have appeared on the HBO Max series planned for 2023. With such a successful franchise, it is not surprising that there are many fans who want to express their enthusiasm. One of them has covered itself in the form of a cosplay as the main character Ellie.

ELLIE COSPLAY - THE LAST OF US PT.2 (You guys have been waiting for this)

Impressive Ellie-Cosplay from The Last of Us 2

The Cosplay of Reddit user Karenscarlet1 shows a youthful Ellie how she poses with a serious face in front of a gray wall and with a knife in her hand. The cosplayer also paid attention to details such as Ellie’s bangle and tattoo on the right forearm. But her clothes also look removed and frayed with the end-time setting of the game. The cladding is topped by Ellie’s typical backpack including the lamp.

While Elli was still a young girl in the first part that was found by the protagonist Joel and more or less voluntarily adopted, she grown into a young woman in the second part. The Last of Us 2 plays for about for five years after the predecessor’s events, Eli is now 19 years old. In our test The Last of Us 2 was able to convince us at almost all levels.

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