Yesterday, May 17, the first stage of the Overwatch 2 beta testing ended, and on this occasion, the Blizzard Entertainment studio released the appeal to the fans, where the master of Aaron Keller, on behalf of the whole team of developers, thanks the players for participation and feedback.

Overwatch 2 Beta is Ending! - Baptiste, Mercy & Sojourn BUFFS!

But the most interesting thing in this message is the announcement of the date of the new event on a multi -user shooter. Next month, June 16, developers are going to share the plans for Overwatch 2 for the coming months, including the announcement of the second stage of beta testing.

Most likely, during this event, the developers will talk about the changes that were made on the basis of the reviews of players from the past beta, as well as, perhaps, will present a new support character and other innovations.