I’m afraid this article will cause a lot of repercussions. Given my preference for Battlefield 2042, I’m the only one in the editorial area, not just there. My friends also avoid shooters, like a ball pool with a shark warning.

I don’t have a habit of self-abuse; I like Battlefield 2042! At the same time, the once-horrible-looking game is even close to an acceptable release in technical terms.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pissed, but I’m still loyal to Battlefield 2042 for five reasons.

This is my Battlefield.
No, I’m not saying Battlefield 2042 feels more intimate since there are only a few thousand active Steam players. Also true. It’s strangely enlightening to know you’re playing with someone as obsessed with it as I am. Everyone who plays now loves this game, like me. We understand each other.
Anyone who plays with me now can understand my pain. We share our feelings that we managed to get through the difficult initial phase despite our mistakes and still hold our ground. This creates a strange sense of unity.
Also, I’m part of the obscure crowd that 2042 seems to be targeting: it inspires me in terms of setup and presentation. One trailer was enough, and my mouse finger slid over the Ultimate Edition buy button. Of course, I don’t know anything about new paid content still takes six months.
I was so excited during beta testing that none of the issues (poor performance, lack of polish) bothered me. I’m excited to play Hyundai’s new Battlefield.

My Favorite Design Choices
Too big maps, too many players per game, experts instead of pros: The Battlefield community is generally annoyed at where DICE is going in 2042. There are too few old battlefield virtues and too many novel experiments, which is the harsh inference of critics.
On the other hand, the experts in the game don’t bother me at all. Only the end-game statement is annoying.

It is rare to have experienced such a contradictory tone:
The world is in a gully.
War is raging everywhere.
Of course, everyone has a playful joke in their mouths.
On the other hand, in normal gameplay, I barely noticed the difference in soldier class. Even in Battlefield 4 and its genre, a colleague with healing abilities or ammo boxes is missing everywhere. In Battlefield 4 and 2042, my character would occasionally bleed to death at the feet of a troubled doctor.

Update 4.0 brings technological redemption.
In the end, I can fully dive into the game and not get angry all the time. Do you remember the indescribable twitches and glitches around every corner, annoying bugs and crashes, weapon balance from hell? But DICE has fixed many bugs and bugs, smoothed out weapons, and more. Today, the few thousand remaining players noticed this, and the gaming experience was much smoother.
A massive patch with bug fixes, optimizations, and comfort improvements was recently released with update 4.0. Of course, I have to try it myself. It does! From the first moment, one sentence came to mind: If Battlefield 2042 appeared like this, we would have a happier community now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case – the indifference of disappointed fans is probably a fair admission. But it hurts me because it’s a battlefield after all!

I like Battlefield 2042
If you take it to heart, make yourself a picture of the game. Meanwhile, the overall vision behind Battlefield 2042 is getting better. What already excites me in the closed beta is the sense of movement that comes with the two sprint speeds, the satisfying weapon gameplay, and the “typical battlefield moment” that PR has repeatedly used. I slid a few inches sideways, so the Jeep rolled smoothly over me instead of hitting me.
The intensity in a big fight is when dozens of defenders defend target points, teeth, and nails while the opposing team throws everything at you. That’s what makes Battlefield great. I sincerely hope the brand can recover from the launch fiasco.
And still: Even the little bit of progress already in Battlefield 2042 can keep a buddy like me busy for hundreds of hours. It provided that you’re a rare breed that likes to show fancy black and red symbols on their avatars. It’s just dummy garbage, but it’s hard to come by. I want!
It was then that I developed a strange connection to my skin for the M5A3 assault rifle, which I’ve been through a lot. Simply because of the lack of cosmetic content. This is how necessity became my virtue.
I do like this game, so I don’t think it’s a waste of time. So when I’ve played Falck Expert for 80 hours, I’ll set my goals and end up with that black and red icon in my profile. More perks: In My Head Cinema, would-be returners for season 1 will think I’m a hopeless case. And dedicated doctors. I hope.

I don’t hold grudges.
Yes, like most gamers, I’m very excited about Battlefield 2042. A game advertised as a AAA shooter by one of the biggest publishers in the world can’t hit the market half a year before it’s finished. This is not how you treat a loyal fan of the 20-year series. Reason or not, this is my firm belief.
But I don’t want to lose myself in cynicism. Above all, I am interested in a suitable battlefield. Don’t forget what happened, and I want to move forward now. And I believe Battlefield 2042 can be the game we promised in the first trailer.
A bit of stubborn resistance was also part of it: I could finally have fun with my tin 120 marbles, which I promised at launch. I won’t let it take me away!
On the other hand, I understand that players have turned their backs on Battlefield 2042 forever because of all the bickering. I support the clear signal that this catastrophic release is unacceptable. But just as a passive spectator because I’m weak, I love the game and will keep playing.
Holding grudges like this is also unhealthy. So for myself, too, I leave my worries behind, look to the future, and play for the damn goals. Plus a handful of people.