According to FIFA 23, EA and the football association go separate paths. The long-term partnership ends in a mud fight, but football fans could emerge from the inglorious spectacle as winners.

A comment by Gregor Elsholz.

The mud fight between EA and FIFA is like two small children when ranging to watch a toy. Two billion -dollar toddlers who are unclear about their role and reputation in the world. They have not yet learned the concept of sharing, because they want the object of the dispute, a billion-dollar football franchise , prefer to broken than let the other play with it.

While there are already only losers between the two, football fans in the middle of the rougere can have hope for a somewhat more varied future .

FIFA vs. EA: embarrassing, embarrassing

While the end of the FIFA series was already indicated in 2021 and EA had crowned around FIFA several times, it is now official: The football series will be called EA Sports FC from the 2023/2024 season ** and with it a pretty Save the amount of license rights-money that the publisher may invest in more sophisticated lootbox or live service mechanics. However, the partnerships with clubs and players as well as modes and gameplay should remain unaffected by the change.

FIFA, the shadowy football organization, in which pretty much everything is available, does not want to put up with it and therefore drive a powerful counterattack-in 2024 a football simulation is to be stamped out of the ground and before that even other games with the FIFA Names are released. President Gianni Infantino has essentially overturned an insulted-liver sausage fan scarf in a press release and claims that only games with the authentic FIFA license will continue to be the only true football games . The constant is the FIFA name and this would survive forever and always remain the best. The formulations of the press release are rhetorically on a step with “Channel me, you egg hole” and “don’t count, there is Klippo on the wall.”

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What The Hell Is Happening Between EA And FIFA?

FIFA 24: Football fans can hope for the future

EAS FIFA series has dominated the football niche of the gaming industry in recent years that would probably describe Bavaria-Munich fans as one-sided. Due to the break between the organization and the publisher, could at least get some movement in the genre . After Konami has said goodbye to the league of playable football simulations with efootball as voluntarily as it is pointless, FIFA could send new publisher to the hunt for the championship title and (consciously or unconsciously) provide more diversity.

This could make EA integrate a few real innovations into EA Sports FC, to present the same move in a new jersey every year every year. These changes and de-monopolization can only be good for football fans-even if we have to experience other quarrels on the billionaire playground until then, which is never about football, but always only about money.

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