While EAA Sports officially announced the arrival of future football games without the name FIFA in 2023, FIFA wanted to specify that football simulations will bear the FIFA name in the years to come. In a communication that seems to be a mixture of crisis and declaration of war, the organization governing world football clearly announces a desire to get out of the games bearing its name. Thus, EA and FIFA now seem to be waged war on virtual lawn.

FIFA wishes to continue the FIFA Games franchise without EA SPORTS

The international organization intends to offer football games at the end of the year, taking advantage of the 2022 World Cup to provide fans with new gaming experiences. We consider here that FIFA will launch VR games And probably a title on mobile, more than a real AAA since FIFA 23 will already be available.

On the other hand, FIFA also evokes the desire to offer an alternative to EA Sports FC (the future name of the football games developed by EA Sports coming to replace FIFA 24), by retaining the concept of the name FIFA and the year behind. Better still, the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, provokes his former partner by promising the “meilleur” game (the capital letters are in the original text), possible for fans.

While no studio has been mentioned, this promise nevertheless seems to be the beginning of an open war between EA and FIFA.

EA SPORTS FC, the future name of FIFA in July 2023

For those who have not followed the situation between FIFA and EA, a small recap is essential. The two brands have been linked since the early 1990s via a partnership, allowing EA to use the FIFA name for its football franchise. If this license does not include the names of the players and clubs (allowing for example Konami to offer PES with the real players), it gives EA additional credibility as well as access to competitions held by FIFA.

However, after almost four decades, it would seem that FIFA wanted to revise the price of this partnership upwards. A situation that EA does not accept who, after a few attempts to negotiate, decided to continue his journey without FIFA. From then on, from 2023 (so after FIFA 23), EA football games will be named after EA Sports FC.

Fans will find clubs and players, the mode was, only the name on the box will be really different.

Konami in ambush?

This could be the big winner of this future battle, or his first victim. Konami and his game efootball may well take advantage of the situation to regain the hair of the beast. With players believing that the FIFA game will completely disappear and a battle between two heavy goods vehicles, the Japanese studio potentially has a card to play with its free-to-play title.

If we do not think that FIFA will tap at Konami’s door to offer it a partnership, Efootball could make a more important place on the market by being shifted as a more stable actor than these main rivals (one change of name while the other must completely recreate his game).

FIFA intends to offer its own football simulation in the years to come, which should give us a battle between at least three actors: FIFA, EA Sports and Konami.