The Sims 4 gathers a huge community of players. But what about alternatives in the genre? It is not for nothing that EA has the best life simulation on the market because there is a lack of strong competition. If you need a change of wallpaper from the Sims or just want to sniff into the genre, we have 12 fantastic games in the following image series that you could like.

The Sims 4, Animal Crossing and Co: Life simulations arrive

The selection of life sessions is huge and the absolute number one is still the Sims 4 . But other titles such as Animal Crossing are real favorites in this area.

The calm gameplay and opportunities to design and live out creatively make this genre so fascinating. But what about the same long -running favorite? Are there promising alternatives?

A List of 12 Objects That Add Gameplay in The Sims 4. They're Great!
Yes, there is! We have selected you 12 life simulations , which you can play next to the Sims 4 for a change: