Rogue Legacy 2 is an action-platform in the Roguelike genre with numerous areas that need to be examined, collected and fight with enemies. Sometimes it is not clear where to go when there are so many things. After the victory over the first boss, the estuaries Lamech, you can feel lost and wondering where to go further. After the victory over the mouth of Lameh, you can leave Agarta’s citadel and go to the axis of the world . Most likely, you have already found the entrance. This is where to go after the victory over the estuaries Lamech.

Куда идти после Цитадели Агарты в Rogue Legacy 2

Having defeated the Estate Lamech, you can leave Agarta’s citadel. You will need to go to the room in which there is door from blue glow . On your minicart this door will be red . This will lead you to Axis Mundi. But you will not be able to advance far in this area without Echo’s boots .

How to get Echo boots in Rogue Legacy 2

To get Echo’s boots , you must find a statue with this relic and complete the task. To find this statue and echo boots, use blue lanterns and your blow with rotation to get to the door of the guard tower upstairs.

Estuary Lamech Suffers a Devastating Loss! | Rogue Legacy 2
As soon as you enter this, you need to climb the top of the tower . You may have to go outside and use your Spin Kick on a blackberry to get to the top. Then go out and go around the tower to get to the statue. After you complete the task, you will have echo-bots. Return to the entrance to Axis Mundi and go through the gap with your newfound relic.

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