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5 things that you need to take primarily in V Rising – advice to beginners

V Rising is a game of survival with a view of the top, which uses many elements from the survival genre, such as looting and creating objects. When you wake up from a centuries-old sleep, you are met by many missions that will lead you through most of the foundations of the game. However, as you continue to engage in your vampire affairs, you can more and more overwhelming the number of resources that you can collect.

Almost everything you collect in V Rising can be used to create other items. As soon as you finish collecting and creating your starting kit from the remains of skeletons, you will begin to hunt and collect all kinds of objects-from skin to copper, stones and even fish oil. Nevertheless, for those who are just starting to eat with the vitality of ordinary mortals, some objects surpass others in terms of value in the early game. Here are the five most important items that need to be packaged primarily in V Rising.


Copper is one of the earliest ores that you will find in V Rising, as well as one of the most important. You can use copper to make excellent copper weapons as well as armor , bars , and bizarre objects for the construction of the base. Updating your items to copper will also increase your overall level. One of many places where you can find copper is in gangster copper mine in the Farbein forest.


One of the first NPCs that you will encounter, after fragile skeletons, will be wild animals. You will receive animal skins from the culling of these creatures. Use animal skins to make the skin to make it better armor for yourself. Keep in mind, however, that you need leather factory for the manufacture of skin from animal skins. To unlock the leather factory, you need to defeat Kili frosty archer in the camp of the bandits catchers, north-east of the Farbein forest.


10 V Rising Tips To Help You Get Started | V Rising Ultimate Beginner's Guide

The level of your character increases with the best equipment. One way to get the best equipment is to collect drawings, defeating gangster camps and raids on them. However, you can also explore a random plan in research department in exchange for 50 articles . Most of the enemies of the people that you are faced with, after winning them, will throw paper. So, in order to get some drawings, go to raids on these camps and collect all the paper you can.

impeccable hearts

Perhaps you are familiar with Tainted Hearts, as you came across them, defeating the enemies. Impeccable hearts are similar, but have much higher value and rarity. They are discarded only by high-level mobs as well as bosses and four of them can be used to create a large essence of blood -a key material for obtaining their own human slaves. As soon as you open the coffin of the servants, you will need a large essence of blood to build it. So, make sure you have collected these impeccable hearts.

rude thread

A rough thread is one of the key materials necessary to improve your armor, and it does not occur as often as you think. These flows will help converting lower quality flows into higher quality flows that can be combined to ensure unusual strengthening. A rough thread can be found in gangster camps in barrels as well as chest and can also fall out of the bandits when victory over them.

Do you want to create a great essence of blood, but cannot find impeccable hearts? Find out where to farm impeccable hearts in V Rising, right here in the guidance on the game for professionals.

Jojos Peculiar Adventure: All Celebrity Battle R get here le 2 septembre

The video game will be offered in a collection agency’s edition where Jolyne Cujoh will certainly be highlighted. You will find an exclusive statuetteGranda collectionand a recreation of its detainee plate. As well as for the most mindful of the service provider, a Deluxe electronic edition will certainly also be provided. Along with the video game, it will contain the Period Pass as well as the Establish animation Special Event Color for Jonathan Jestar, Joseph Jestar, Jotaro Kujo, Josuke Higashikata and also Giorno Giovanna. Pertaining To the Season Pass, he will provide two days of very early accessibility, 4 brand-new usable post-launch personalities as well as two exclusive outfits

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R - Release Date Announcement Trailer

While season 2 ofstone Oceanis intended on Netflix in September, Bandai Namco is currently intending to make use of the excitement of the exit to slide the arrival of his having fun game at the very same time.Jojo’s bizarre adventure: All Star Battle Rwill be offered from September 1, 2022 in its Heavy steam version, then the next day on gaming consoles. As a suggestion, the title bringing with each other the most emblematic of the Manga Jojo world will certainly be usable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection as well as Nintendo Switch.

Final access: Netherlands defeated Serbia in a penalty shootout

Milosevic tried a side puller, however did not strike the sphere effectively. Mijatovic reacted fastest, picked up the sphere as well as shot her previous Kuijsten into the goal (55th).

Netherlands U17 vs Serbia U17 (7-5), All Penalties Shoutout Goals Results and Extended Highlights..
At the beginning of the game, the Netherlands relied on sphere control. Extra danger developed from the Serbian switching game.

France is now waiting in the last, which also proceeded to shoot Portugal in a penalty shootout.

After the shortage, the Dutch took control of the game control once again and achieved the equalization (73.) by Slory. That was also ball game after 90 minutes. The decision on the final was made in the charge shootout. Radonjic did not put the third Serbian fine well enough and so Kuijsten can anticipate. In the crucial penalty, Babadi sent out the Serbian goalkeeper Lijeski into the incorrect corner and loosened the sphere into the middle. With the success, the Dutch relocated right into the last.

At the start of the game, the Netherlands relied on round control. Extra danger developed from the Serbian switching game. In the course of the very first half, the Serbs became more bold and also failed twice in the person of Mijatovic on the bar (41., 43.).

Nintendo Switch Online receives some brand-new video games, consisting of NES Pinball

The Nintendo Switch has just included 3 new video games in the type of Congo’s Caper and Competing Lawn to their Nintendo Switch online solution! For the SNES collection and pinball for the NES library. The brand-new additions will be offered for both standardals and also growth package customers and also mark the very first wide range of brand-new web content for common clients given that March 30.

NES & Super NES - May 2022 Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online

Pinball for the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in Japan in 1984 and was an early programming job by the late 4th head of state of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, which was established along with Satoshi Matsuoka. Technically speaking, the game is a Mario title because Mario Pauline saves with his magnificent breakout-like paddle.

Competing Turf from 1992!

A benefit of the Nintendo Switch online directory towards its rivals, however, is that he does not lose titles so easily-or, as for we have seen in the practically four years considering that the start of the solution. What obviously lacks effective updates does it make up with consistency, to make sure that at the very least they can assume that pinball continues to be enough time to make sure that they can draw their rejects of it.

The Nintendo Switch has actually simply included 3 new video games in the form of Congo’s Caper and also Competing Lawn to their Nintendo Switch online service! For the SNES library as well as pinball for the NES collection. The new enhancements will certainly be readily available for both standardals and development plan subscribers and mark the initial wide range of new material for standard subscribers considering that March 30.

Subscribers with a Japanese Nintendo Switch Online account saw another title rather than Congo’s Caper-Umihara Kawasa from 1994. The game includes that they play as a small sushi chef in an apparently terrible globe dominated by aquatic life in which they are fishing Use to beat enemies and master platform difficulties with rope physics.

It is a little hard to elevate enthusiasm for the most recent additions, specifically when Sony discloses PS And also Additional and Premium playlist and also the Xbox Game Pass June 2022 list with a mix of new games like Getaway Academy as well as heavyweights such as Assassin’s Creed Origins. Followers on Twitter have remained to climb according to a better of the titles of the solution, with video games such as Super Mario RPG released by Nintendo for the portable.

Sammer over the biggest BVB

After relocating to Borussia Dortmund, Matthias Sammer commemorated fantastic success with the yellow and black in 1993, and also won the German champion in 1995 as well as 1996.

In the eyes of the currently 54-year-old, Juventus made the ideal group worldwide at the time, however his Dortmund team additionally had really unique skills because period 1996/1997: “General, the quality of the team was that they likewise returned ideas Has. We had a very high level of unity, a high degree of professionalism and also the will to win, “stated Sammer.

On May 28, 1997, BVB secured the best success of the club’s background with the accomplishment in the Champions League. Among the protagonists in the 3-1 win against Juventus Turin was Matthias Sammer, who had actually led the Dortmund in this video game as a captain. A quarter of a century later, today’s BVB specialist remembers the climax of his gamer profession.

The win of the Champions League a year later on, however, put the crown overall thing, as the former leader of the Westphalia still emphasized 25 years later on: “At the club degree, this was certainly my personal emphasize if you have the advancement and age framework Thought about, “stated Sammer in an interview with the” Ruhr Nachrichten “.

Sammer remembers BVB-Stamen Semble: “Cohesion was there”

The Dortmund Celebrity ensemble worldwide champions Jürgen Kohler, Andreas Möller, Stefan Reuter or Karl-Heinz Riedle was also famous for the reality that there are usually discrepancies within the team.

Every person wanted to accomplish something huge. To win such a last, you have to have an unique energy, your very own spirit on the field,” claimed Sammer and specified: “We didn’t constantly do it in the Bundesliga, but in the Champions League we did well in doing so.

Sammer bears in mind: “I was frequently struck in the period, to make sure that Wolfgang Feiersinger leapt in, that, for instance, represented me wonderfully in the semi-finals against Manchester United. Then I was enabled to lead the group on the field as a captain as well as not Michael Zorc. It was a challenging constellation. “

Right away prior to the last in the Champions League in Munich, the group spirit of the group was put to its most difficult test. With Michael Zorc, BVB’s really gamer was placed on the bench by head train Ottmar Hitzfeld. Matthias Sammer was additionally turned right into the starting XI for a colleague, that was not even in the Dortmund squad in the last.

BVB expert Zorc as well as Sammer celebrated additionally great successes

Dortmund ● Road to the champions league final 2012/13

Sammer keeps in mind: “I was often struck in the period, so that Wolfgang Feiersinger jumped in, who, for instance, represented me wonderfully in the semi-finals against Manchester United.

During that time, the team structure worked so impressive that the Dortmund was understood to be a deserved winner ultimately.

“I had actually really felt that would certainly be. That ought to also express a kind of recognition as well as recognition. […] Our captain continued to be and was Michael, that was also a vital signal for the followers. It comes from the area, symbolizes high trustworthiness and also with his qualities was additionally a important and also central gamer, “stated the 1996 European champion loaded with respect.

On May 28, 1997, BVB protected the greatest success of the club’s history with the victory in the Champions League. One of the protagonists in the 3-1 win versus Juventus Turin was Matthias Sammer, who had actually led the Dortmund in this video game as a captain. To win such a final, you have to have an unique energy, your very own spirit on the area,” said Sammer and mentioned: “We really did not always do it in the Bundesliga, however in the Champions League we did well in doing so. Matthias Sammer was likewise revolved into the starting XI for a colleague, that was not also in the Dortmund squad in the last.

By the way, Matthias Sammer got the Henkelpott Michael Zorc, although he was the actual captain of the last video game at BVB.

It was known to be Michael Zorc that, in his function as Michael Zorcs supervisor, set up Matthias Sammer simply a couple of years later as Dortmund’s head train. With him in showing off duty, BVB became German champion once again in 2002.

Up until completion, both after that interacted once again, Zorc proceeded to be a Michael Zorcs director, Sammer as an outside professional at BVB up until the end of the season.

The 7th anniversary of the “Splatoon” series! “Squid” TPS masterpiece that addicted from adults to children

Speaking of “Splatoon” , Nintendo is a very popular shooting game. Since the release of the first WiiU version on May 28, 2015, it has been firmly established as a work that is loved by adults and children, and its popularity has not diminished seven years after its release. The unique “squid” worldview by vivid colors and unique characters is also attractive, and it has gained popularity in the game frame, such as holding events and expanding apparel. And in the fall of 2022, the release of the new “Splatoon 3” has been decided, and the Splatoon whirlwind is going to occur again.

Revolutionary child who combines the concept of “painting” to TPS

WiiU had sluggish sales due to the appearance of PS4 and Xbox, but the explosive hit of Splatoon will return to popular.

“Splatoon” is a TPS (Third Person Shooter) game that operates the player from a third-person perspective. Speaking of TPS until then, the game style of killing the opponent with a gun was the mainstream, but in Splatoon, we use a gun to apply the opponent’s field to proceed with the game. By combining the concept of “painting” to TPS, we have created a casual game style that can be enjoyed by adults and children.

Six months after its release, in December 2015, he recorded 1 million sales in Japan. In addition, users who release creative illustrations and play videos on Twitter, Nico Nico Douga, and YouTube have appeared one after another, which has been greatly exciting on the Internet. With the explosive hit of Splatoon, WiiU, whose sales were sluggish with the appearance of PS4 and Xbox, succeeded in returning popularity.

“Nawabari Battle” that unfolds with simple operability and various actions

In “Splatoon”, we will develop a 4-4 “Nawabari Battle” aiming for a fashionable bancho in a fashionable city: high-color City. The player operates the character inking , paints the ground while using Buki with ink, and the most ground team wins. It also features shooting actions and stealth elements, such as hiding or shooting while switching between human and squid depending on the situation.

The operability of the game is extremely easy. People who are not good at games can be enjoyed if you learn the four operations, such as moving characters with “left stick”, jumping in “X button”, ink with “ZR button”, and “ZL button”. But it is safe.

Another reason is that you can enjoy a variety of actions depending on the choice. Main weapon has various types such as “shooter” and “roller” that can apply ink and “roller” , each of which is the range distance. The attack performance is different. In addition, it is possible to form a unique battle style by combining Sub-Weapon , such as “Bomb” and “Trap” , and special special .

There are also elements that can be customized to your own easy-to-use buki and characters, and it is a game like a “swamp” that enhances content that does not get tired of games from beginners to game freaks.

Experience the new frontier of the series in the latest work “Splatoon 3”!

In “Splatoon 3”, which will be released on September 9, 2022, you can enjoy a power-up Nawabari Battle set in the chaotic city of Bankara City. New elements such as new buki “cue-ink” that can “suck” the opponent’s ink, and “name plate” ** that can appeal to your own player name and two names have been announced. However, I still can’t see the whole picture, and I’m just looking for expectations. Whether you’re a fierce person who has covered the successive series, or a new user who hasn’t played yet, why not enjoy a new Nawabari Battle in Splatoon 3?

Sniper Elite 5 Test – Innovation that misses the goal

In Sniper Elite 5, Rebellion bears the escapades of Karl Fairbourne’s Nazi north to France and on the new generation consoles. Since this is the fifth main part of the series that comes five years after Sniper Elite 4 and can work with the performance of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s, I hoped for a massively improved and revised newcomer would lead Sniper Elite to new heights.

SNIPER ELITE 5 Gameplay - The Most Brutal Sniping Game!

After I had no longer touched Sniper Elite game since SE4 started in 2017, I was expecting some significant progress. Rebellion has tried some new innovations, including an invasion function to add a Deathloop-like PvP element to your campaign, some new crossing functions for navigating in the extensive levels, adaptable loadouts with a suitable fastening system and an updated user interface.

However, not all of these new improvements and functions hit the right tone, and although there are a few striking additions, the entire game ultimately feels like “only another sniper elite”. Depending on who you ask, this could be an excellent thing, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed.

When I played on the Xbox Series S, I found myself occasionally tormented by a campaign on the first day of the game, which, narrative, is surprisingly boring. Even the extremely mediocre action that I thought that it could happen did not happen. Although I will not ruin anything by telling details, the end was horribly disappointing and simple. I know that you don’t necessarily play a Sniper Elite game because of his action, but there was really nothing to celebrate in this regard.

Rebellion has worked hard to create larger and more immersive levels for Sniper Elite 5, and they are filled with different routes, many hidden details and are packed with collector’s pieces and information. The third mission playing on a fortress island that is clearly inspired by the Mont-Saint-Michel in northern France is particularly outstanding, and navigating through this level was probably the place where I had the most fun throughout my game.

On each card there is also a handful of secondary goals and assassination goals as well as the collector’s items mentioned above so that they can sneak far beyond the main goal of history. Overall, there is a decent amount of content-probably enough to justify 20-30 hours of play.

However, pretty much all important new improvements and additions have contributed little to improve the Sniper Elite experience.

The most disappointing is the new intruder mode, in which another player enters into your campaign mission as an enemy sniper of the axis to switch it off and disturb your progress through the level.

It sounds excellent on paper and is exactly what Sniper Elite needs. However, the execution is not outstanding. In my experience, the sniper of the axis powers, which was both the hunter and the hunted, has a considerable advantage because he is able to mark AI soldiers so that they are to be stored that mark the position of the Allied sniper.

The only ASS in the Allied sniper sleeve is that you can find telephones on the menu and the interaction with you reveals the location of the Axis scorers. However, you only receive a mark that shows the last known location of the Axis Schaftschützen, and no regularly updated tracker, and after a few minutes the Axis scorer can also use these phones. In addition, the distribution of these phones is incredibly inconsistent (at least they were on the cards that I have played so far where an invasion took place), phones can be caught or camped with explosive traps, and their own location is also marked when too many phones is marked be used.

In addition, it is not mentioned who killed them. You can challenge this intruder for a reserve, but there is no way to know exactly who this person is. There is no mention of a gamer tag or even which level the enemy sniper had. Although this may have been done to contain toxicity, you can easily deactivate in the menus that your game is open to intruders if this is a problem.

Another updated function is Traversal, with which Karl Ranks climb up and hang along rocky leads. Although I was hoping that this would be suitable for a new verticality, this actually seems to be a little too little. A more common climbing mechanics similar to Assassin’s Creed games, in which most surfaces can be scaled, would have been the necessary further development. There was also a case in my through in which Karl got stuck on a rocky lead, could not fall down and could not pull up again, which forced me to return to the last point of storage.

That wasn’t the only hiccup. I was forced twice to restart missions completely because the goals were. For some reason, the tutorial area was loaded without enemies, which was not the most outrageous ever. However, after I had gone through the entire first level, the last goal that she asked for exiltring simply did not appear to me, and the shop again at previous storage points does not make this problem.

There are also a few technical problems in relation to the performance of Sniper Elite 5. I have admittedly played on the less powerful series S, but targeting riflescope with very high magnification caused some frame drops and stuttering.

In addition, the graphic quality of this game on the series S is not great. Graphics are always a sensitive topic, and it can usually be forgiven if the gameplay is tight and entertaining as with Sniper Elite 5, but I found it difficult to stop by during my playing. While they may not notice it so much when they walk around in the third person, cutscenes and the bloody kill cams were occasionally ridiculous because they looked so shocking. After I have also looked at the game on the big brother of the series S, I can confirm that Sniper Elite 5 looks better on the X Series, but it still does not correspond to the standards that you from a game in its fifth main line Expect iteration.

While Sniper Elite 5 has done with many cool small additions, such as kill cams for sidal and melee kills and their usual sniper kills, to be satisfied with me, those who really have the sniper elite recipe Could have spotted up how a corma was hit than a Vindaloo.

That doesn’t mean that this is by no means a bad game. Although I haven’t played a lot of co-op or multiplayer action, Sniper Elite games are traditionally good fun to play with others, and if you are a game pass subscription, you can have this laugh at no additional cost.

Rebellion has proven that it can build extensive levels with decent content, and by sticking to his weapons with its amusing and relatively satisfactory gameplay loop, the WW2 setting and the main protagonist, fans of the series will be back to come back to Play, and probably a lot of fun, this game.

In order to really become something other than the cult classic, to which the series has become, some serious restructuring are required. Sniper Elite 5 partially tries this, but the execution is unfortunately not up to date.

Giro dItalia: Buratgo Gewinnt

Richard Carapaz also defended his wafer-thin lead on the second difficult mountain stage of the last week of the 105th Giro d’Italia. The 28-year-old from Ecuador finished fifth of the 17th stage on Wednesday and continues to be three seconds before the Australian Jai Hindley (Bora Hansgrohe), who finished at the finish line with Carapaz. The Colombian Santiago BuiTrago in Lavarone won the 168 km long section with over 3500 meters of altitude.

“After yesterday, many drivers are tired. I was also very tired. The last climb was very hard. Everyone is at a level in front. Large distances were not possible today,” said Hindley. Mikel Landa used the section to put himself in third place in the overall ranking of Joao Almeida.

Buchmann loses time again

The German hope Emanuel Buchmann did not have a good day after his weakness on Tuesday. In the difficult final, 1,800 meters of altitude had to be mastered on the last 45 kilometers, the 29-year-old could no longer follow the best drivers and lost to Carapaz for over two minutes. In the overall classification, Buchmann is still eighth, he is 7:13 minutes behind Carapaz.

Yates gets out

Simon Yates is no longer there. The Giro third of 2021, which had won the second and the 14th stage this year, gave up due to knee problems.

17. Stage Ponte Di Legno/Italy-Lavarone/Italy (168.00 km), 25.5.2022

1. Santiago BuiTrago Sanchez (Colombia)-Bahrain Victorious 4:27:41 hours; 2. Gijs Leemzietic (Netherlands)-Jumbo-Visma + 35 seconds; 3 Jan Hirt (Czech Republic)-Wanty-goobert + 2:28 min.; 4. Hugh Carthy (Great Britain)-Fef Education-Easypost; 5. Richard Carapaz Montenegro (Ecuador)-ineos Grenadiers + 2:53; 6. Jai Hindley (Australia)-Bora-Hansgrohe; 7. Mauri Vanssevenant (Belgium)-deceuninck-Quick-Step + 2:57; 8. Koen Bouwman (Netherlands)-Jumbo-Visma + 2:59; 9. Guillaume Martin (France)-Cofidis; 10. Mikel Landa Meana (Spain)-Bahrain Victorious;… 19. Emanuel Buchmann (Lochau/Austria)-Bora-Hansgrohe + 5:21; 24. Lennard Kämna (Fischerhude)-Bora-Hansgrohe + 5:50; 33. Ben Zwiehoff (Essen)-Bora-Hansgrohe + 11:35; 101. Nico Denz (Waldshut-Tiengen) team DSM + 31:17; 103. Jasha Sütterlin (Freiburg im Breisgau)-Bahrain Victorious; 124. Phil Bauhaus (Cologne)-Bahrain Victorious + 34:50; 128. Rick Zabel (Cologne)-Israel Prime Minister Tech; 137. Michael Schwarzmann (Kempten)-Lotto-Soudal; 152. Roger Kluge (Berlin)-Lotto-Soudal + 38: 34

overall rating single, as of the 17th stage:

1. Richard Carapaz Montenegro (Ecuador)-ineos Grenadiers 73:19:40 hours; 2. Jai Hindley (Australia)-Bora-Hansgrohe + 3 seconds; 3. Mikel Landa Meana (Spain)-Bahrain Victorious + 1:05 min.; 4. Joao Almeida (Portugal)-Uae Team Emirates + 1:54; 5. Vincenzo Nibali (Italy)-astana Qazaqstan team + 5:48; 6. Pello Bilbao (Spain)-Bahrain Victorious + 6:19; Jan 7th Hirt (Czech Republic)-Wanty-goobert + 7:12; 8th. Emanuel Buchmann (Lochau/Austria)-Bora-Hansgrohe + 7: 13 ; 9. Juan Pedro López (Spain)-Trek-Segafredo + 12:27; 10. Domenico Pozzovivo (Italy)-Wanty-goobert + 12:30; 20. Lennard Kämna (Fischerhude)-Bora-Hansgrohe + 35:41; 53. Ben Zwiehoff (Essen)-Bora-Hansgrohe + 2:24:46 hours; 92. Jasha Sütterlin (Freiburg im Breisgau)-Bahrain Victorious + 3:32:30; 118. Nico Denz (Waldshut-Tiengen) team DSM + 4:22:20; 136. Michael Schwarzmann (Kempten)-Lotto-Soudal + 4:52:51; 141. Phil Bauhaus (Cologne)-Bahrain Victorious + 5:04:36; 144. Rick Zabel (Cologne)-Israel Prime Minister Tech + 5:07:55; 153. Roger Kluge (Berlin)-Lotto-Soudal + 5: 52: 04

Berg classification, Stand after the 17th stage:

1. Koen Bouwman (Netherlands)-Jumbo-Visma 218 PKT.; 2. Giulio Ciccone (Italy)-Trek-Segafredo 103; 3. Diego Rosa (Italy)-Eolo-Kometa 94; 4. Jai Hindley (Australia)-Bora-Hansgrohe 74; 5. Lennard Kämna (Fischerhude)-Bora-Hansgrohe 74 ; 6. Santiago BuiTrago Sanchez (Colombia)-Bahrain Victorious 71; 7. Richard Carapaz Montenegro (Ecuador)-ineos Grenadiers 65; Jan 8 Hirt (Czech Republic)-Wanty-Gobert 57; 9. Gijs Leemzietic (Netherlands)-Jumbo-Visma 47; 10. Wilco Kelderman (Netherlands)-bora-Hansgrohe 42;… 25. Emanuel Buchmann (Lochau/Austria)-Bora-Hansgrohe 17; 33. Nico Denz (Waldshut-Tiengen) team DSM 12; 45. Rick Zabel (Cologne)-Israel Prime Minister Tech 5

sprint rating, stood after the 17th stage:

1. Arnaud Demare (France)-Groupama-FDJ 238 PKT.; 2. Mark Cavendish (Great Britain)-deceuninck-Quick-Step 121; 3. Fernando Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)-Uae Team Emirates 117; 4. Mathieu van der Poel (Netherlands)-Alpecin-Fenix 96; 5. Alberto Dainese (Italy) team DSM 81; 6. Phil Bauhaus (Cologne)-Bahrain Victorious 72 ; 7. Filippo Tagliani (Italy)-Androni Giocattoli 70; 8. Simone consonni (Italy)-Cofidis 67; 9. Richard Carapaz Montenegro (Ecuador)-ineos Grenadiers 55; 10. Thomas de Gendt (Belgium)-Lotto-Soudal 53;… 18. Lennard Kämna (Fischerhude)-Bora-Hansgrohe 34; 74. Rick Zabel (Cologne)-Israel Prime Minister Tech 7; 75. Emanuel Buchmann (Lochau/Austria)-Bora-Hansgrohe 6; 93. Michael Schwarzmann (Kempten)-Lotto-Soudal 4

GIRO D'ITALIA 2022 STAGE 09 | Jai Hindley

Team classification, Stand after the 17th stage:

1. Bahrain Victorious (Bahrain) 220: 10: 02 hours; 2. Bora Hansgrohe (Germany) + 14 seconds; 3. Wanty-Gobert (Belgium) + 52:38 min.; 4. Ineos Grenadiers (Great Britain) + 1:02:03 hours; 5. Astana Qazaqstan team (Kazakhstan) + 1:43:14; 6. Trek-Segafredo (USA) + 1:45:27; 7. UAE Team Emirates (United Arab Emirates) + 2:13:27; 8. Jumbo-Visma (Netherlands) + 2:27:17; 9. BikeExchange (Australia) + 2:37:43; 10. Movistar Team (Spain) + 2:48:13; 11. Team DSM (Germany) + 2:57:33

10 minutes before dawn – tips and recommendations for beginners

10 minutes before dawn – this is a survival game in the Roguelike genre, the purpose of which is to create super -powerful builds to destroy their enemies in 10 minutes. When you are just starting, it is important to remember that the purpose of the game is actually not to win. The meaning of the game is to find all possible ways to defeat enemies using different characters, different weapons and different abilities.

When you first start this rapidly developing adventure, it is quite easy to be stunned, so we decided to create a guide full of advice and techniques for beginners.


There are four characters that you can choose immediately:

* Shan
* Shan can transfer and starts with 3 HP.
* She can play with any weapon with any build, except for the fire gun.

* diamond
* She has the same qualities as Shana.

* Scarlett
* Every third short she can throw a wave of fire, which every second burns enemies for 3 units of damage.
* She can play with any weapon with any build, except for the fire gun.

* She has 2 CP and it is more difficult to play.

* Hina
* She can cause a shadow clone, which allows her to apply the same damage as a bullet.


There are four different weapons that you can choose. They are all the same, with the exception of a gunshot gun, so it depends on your preferred assembly.

crossbow *
* Fire gun


Real meat and potatoes lie in your privileges. The weapon that you use actually does not matter when it comes to the perks that you attached to it.

  • Damage
    Reload *
    attack speed
    call *
    hp *

10 AWESOME Beginner Tips For Dawn Of Man (That I Wish I Knew Before I Started!)
* Shield
* Fire
ice *
Movement speed *

You can mix and combine the above privileges as you like, but there are certain combinations that work best:

shells, damage and ice *
* When you use ice as much as possible, you can blow up mobs that can explode bullets, killing other mobs around you.
The speed of movement, shield and lightning
* This combination makes you lightning fast, and lightning literally makes the mobs explode.
Fire and attack speed
* Fire is one of the most pleasant bonuses for the game, so this combination contributes to rapid destruction.
reloading, attack speed, shells and ice *
* This combination may require some practice, but with the right treatment you can literally sit in one place when your enemies fall.

To get additional manuals, read the section “How to get airtime in a tank in Fortnite” and other games for professionals.

F-Zero and Wipeout followers will certainly need to wait: Redout 2 delays their release day

We will certainly listen, because almost six years ago we might put the glove at the initial install by the advanced speed franchises that he has drunk directly.

The first redout premiered in 2016 and also managed to convince fans of F-Zero and Wipeout many thanks to a really solid anti-river racing proposal. For that factor, 34 Bigthings and recognize interactive prepare the arrival this year of Redout 2, however sadly we will need to wait a little bit extra.

It will certainly help to guarantee that we provide the most effective experience 34 Bigthings “Hello there, Redout fans. We understand you have actually been awaiting the launch of Redout 2 by the end of this month yet, sadly, the fastest auto racing game of deep space needs A little even more development time Prior to it is ready as well as now it will be launched on June 16 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X | S and also Switch, “states the message. “This will help to guarantee that we offer the most effective video game experience for everybody. We request mercy for the aggravation and also hope to take on all of you!”, They wrap up.

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The second component of Redout will integrate 36 tracks with various variants , along with a range of kinds of examinations, from sand races to a last standing man. It will certainly have online for twelve gamers and also, furthermore, the career setting for a gamer will allow us select between numerous different framework with specific accessories and customizable propellers and devices.

Just a few weeks, because in the statement shared via the main Twitter account of the game, its managers specify that Redout 2 has actually been postponed to June 16 , when it was formerly prepared to arrive at computer and also gaming consoles following May 26.

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