Iron Gate Studio and the editor Coffee Stain have announced that Valheim , their title launched in February 2021 in early access, has already managed to exceed ten million copies sold. Through the statement on their Twitter account they wanted to thank their support for the community, and have declared that neither in their “craziest dreams could have imagined this.”

Valheim’s success does not come from now on; In February 2021, when he had only left in early access, he had already sold more than one million copies worldwide, and three million in 16 days.

‘Valheim’ has sold over four million copies in three weeks
In addition, shortly after we knew that it had become the game with the fastest growth in Steam’s history in terms of concurrent players, something that was consumed a few days later when reaching the eighth place of simultaneous users in the history of the platform of the platform of Valve with more than half a million.

In the statement of the news, Richard Svensson, executive director of Iron Gate Studio, has declared that the development team “has doubled since its launch” and has shared the occasional extra detail about Mistlands, a new * Bioma * that is in development and will be implemented in future updates; The first added since Valheim left in early access. However, we do not have many news about him, beyond that we can make new weapons and there will be more enemies to discover than in the base game.

At the moment, Mistlands does not have a release date.