[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Wemoid (Representative Jang Hyun Buk) announced on the 22nd that the ‘Anifang Match’ and ‘Anifang Blast’ of WMADID play (representative Lee Hozy) and ‘Anifang Blast’ were announced on the 22nd.

WMADIDIL play is expected to enter a full-fledged overseas through the WMIS platform based on services accumulated by the “Animang” series, the puzzle, fostering and genre-linked casual games.

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Anifang Machi is a top title that ‘Anifang 4’ is optimized for the Gims platform. With a variety of puzzle stages, a guild community with more than three thousands of puzzle stages, a guild community, Pam, and a content of the user’s real-time competition.

Anifang Blast is a version developed by the ‘Anifang Touch’ in line with the Gims Platform Environment. It is characterized by enhancing a light taste and graphics with a fast deployment that applies two-match puzzle play to two matching blocks.

Lee Ho-je’s Emade Play Representative, “This Womix On Bald will be a shortcut for the new channel of Anifang series and will be a shortcut for the global leap,” “I will do our best in the development of two of the two representatives in Korea.” said.

“The Wimmes, Jang Hyun Bureau, said,” Wi-Mix is a game platform, a game platform that is currently running coin, NFT, and Defizes, “said the Games Platform, which is the newly-operated unique block chain,” I am glad to serve animated-series games on the Gims Platform. “