Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young -sik, Do Ki -wook) announced on the 21st that it will register a pre -registration ahead of a double inspection update to ‘Blade & Soul Revolution’ (developer Netmarble F & C).

Users can participate in pre -registration in the pre -registration page, which is open today, and check the information and videos of the new occupation, the twin test. The double prosecutor is a character that uses two swords to perform a powerful melee attack, which is characterized by powerful damage to the enemy.

All users who participate in pre -registration will be given a “double prosecutor special gift box”. Users can earn abundant rewards such as the new face -to -face ‘Baekjeon Sorset’, the octagonal jewelry selection box, the hero of the hero, and the hero guardian spirit box.

Information on the new server “planting”, which was held after the update, was also disclosed. Users who use new servers will be given benefits to grow faster through various basic equipment, hero guardian orders and experience buffs.

‘Blade & Soul Revolution’, which was released on December 6, 2018, is a mobile MMORPG that reinterprets the vast worldview and contents of the original by using the popular PC online game ‘Blade & Soul’ IP (Intellectual Property).