Covenant selection in the Shadowlands extension for World of Warcraft is an incredibly important solution. Although players can change the Covenant of their character, it will negate all the invested hard work. Thus, it is better to immediately choose a Covent, which is best completed your class.

By joining the Covenant, players will receive two abilities. The first is the corporate ability of Covenanta, and the second is class ability. It is these class specific ability to be of great importance when choosing a covenant.



Winged guards who transfer the souls worthy of the afterlife in the bastion, Kiriana – Angel creatures living in an idyllic paradise. Their branded ability is to call the steward to bring the phial of serenity, which will restore some health and remove all the effects of curse, illness, poison and bleeding.

  • Bloody Death Knight
  • Hunter for revenge demons
  • secret magician
  • Khmelevar monk
  • dancing with wind monk
  • Paladin Retribution
  • Priest discipline

  • Robber outlaw
  • protection warrior


Necrolords rule their kingdom, which serves the birthplace of necromancer magic. As defenders of Shadowlands, they are very proud of their strength and severely punish any weakness. Their characteristic ability is “the skill of the flesh”, which forms a shield from flesh and bones, preventing damage, equal to your maximum health. Standing next to the body of the fallen enemy, you will create a larger shield.

  • Ice Knight Death
  • wicked death knight
  • Ice Mag
  • priest shadow
  • Improvement Shaman
  • Reducing Shaman
  • Warlock destruction
  • rage warrior


Night minids are watching the spirits of nature, reviving Ardenveld’s gloomy groves. The corporate ability of the nightly population allows players to turn into vulpins. This increases the speed of movement and allows teleport for a short distance. As Covenant’s ranks are progressed, players will open additional forms.

    • Chaos Demos Hunter **
  • Druid Balance
  • Wild Druid
  • Druid Keeper
  • Druid Recovery
    Lord of Beasts Hunter
  • Hunter for the accuracy
  • survival hunter
  • magician fire
  • Elemental shaman
  • Warfish Witchcraft
  • Demonology Warlock
  • Warrior weapon


Full conflicts and parallels, the fans are watching proud souls, walking along the long way to redemption. The company’s branded ability allows players to use the door of the shadows, teleporting to the target areas.

    • Stacks of the Tumanov monk **
  • Holy Paladin
  • Paladin protection
  • Holy Priest

Best Covenant for Every Class and Spec in Shadowlands
* Murder robber
Higher Rogue *

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