Already appeared at the turn of a direct Nintendo, the Shadowrun Trilogy compilation now has a known output date. It will be able to wait until June 21 to find these three classics of the role play on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC, with Game Pass integration to enhance everything.

Обзор Shadowrun: Dragonfall и Shadowrun: Hong Kong: беды с башкой

Brood by Paradox Interactive, with the contest of Studio Harebrained Schemes, this compilation brings together Shadowrun Returns (2013), Shadowrun Dragonfall (2014) and Shadowrun Hong Kong (2015), for all RPG amateurs in isometric view, directly adapted from the roles game on table born more than 30 years ago. The three components take place in a future cyberpunk dystopic in which magic woke up, bringing back to life of mystical creatures. Each episode is based on a mix of 3D characters and hand-painted environments, turn-based tactical fights and skill-based progression. A trailer to stimulate precos has even been broadcast for the occasion.


Shadow Run Trilogy – Trailer Pre-orders