_ battle 2042_ on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will receive a massive update next week. In front of this community administrator he says, Kevin Johnson, has anticipated something that fans can expect from substantial update. Unfortunately, for Johnson and the rest of saying that they are still working in the game, bf2042 The fanatics are apparently not impressed with the update, or at least that is what many Twitter responses suggest to the Tweet showing the update.

Update 4.0 for _ battle 2042_ will be launched next week, and patch notes will also be launched at the beginning of that week, “Johnson said about the update. «There are more than 400 individual corrections, errors and quality of life improvements to spend next week». Johnson continues:

DICE Dev Confirms Specialist Rework & 'Almost Everyone' Working On Battlefield 2042

«In Update 4.0, Rao and Paik features will be updated. Sundance has also received some corrections in his pomegranate belt, allowing a better acquisition of anti-field targets within his immediate neighborhood instead of football fields away. The tapes have been modified to allow easier unlock in modes such as Rush.XP for Support Actions and Teamplay within the game have also been balanced to ensure that teamwork remains the king.Vehicular Warfare is balanced together with specific adjustments Like the Bolte, to ensure that Infantry / Vehicle Counter the game still has something of bite! Error corrections for ADS error when leaving a vehicle and reviving near obstacles are also found in this update. The attachments will also receive a review in update 4.0, with a focus on ensuring that they feel unique and have an impact on their choice of loading and gun set. While this only scratches the surface of the update 4.0 in #Battlefield 2042, we appreciate the patience you gave us to get this. Update out there. Once again, I look forward to your comments as the update is published, next week ».

This is the scope of the preview and, of course, if this is what is in the preview, then presumably the rest of the update is less important, or at least that is the assumption that many have done after reading the thread. And these fans are not impressed.

At this time, you do not know when the update will be launched exactly, but we will keep it informed. Meanwhile, for more _ battle 2042_ News, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.