Earlier in the day, we published how Call of Duty Modern Warfare received a Black Live Message Matter in their loading screens. This message from Infinity Ward has been examined with more attention than welcome by the community and for good reason. Following George Floyd’s horrible killing and generalized protests that followed, many companies (including those in the racist past) began making empty statements about equality and intolerance to racism. But if you know anything about playing Call of Duty online, you know full well that there is not such intolerance to racism, because players are free to shout racial insults in the vocal chat with rarely a consequence.

After many critics, Infinity Ward has published on their twitter a commitment to realize some of their claims. This includes things such as the implementation of systems to catch racist names and give more permanent prohibitions to confirmed racists. See below:

Black Lives Matter & The Question of Violence | Gary Younge
We can only hope that they hold this promise. There is certainly no coincidence if stereotyped thought of a Call of Duty game has immature idiots that shout racial insults.

Which puts me the most angry with this situation, it is the absolute pretension of these companies. It is obvious that COD did not do much to stop racism in its community, as eliminating racists means loss of sales. But suddenly, something like that happens, now they claim they have been holy forever. Cut the BS. We know that you are nothing more than anti-racists because it’s more profitable than supporting racists.

Well, on the positive side, it means that the protests push some walls down, even if we have to be humorous towards these reporters of virtue.

What would have been an appropriate answer? Do not go out by pretending like something you are not. Excuse you for the past not to have eliminated racists in your community, excuse you knowingly done business with them. Tell us that you go better.

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