Author: Gunnar Lott

In the business world a phantom is about: the metavere. No one knows what it is, but everyone must be there. In the ideal idea, it’s something like the fully networked VR world described in Ready Player ONE.

That this poses in the real implementation of various questions is clear, but that does not stop many companies from being started and talking about it. Facebook Now Meta sees a chance to glue out of the rapid aging social media platform and its loss-making VR daughter something cool together. ROBLOX, a kind of user-generated game collection for kids and adolescents, is simply going to call what they do anyway to call metaver’s. The Crypto people just write metaceous with their Buzzword lists, no longer depends on it.

But if you look exactly, the best cards actually have a company in the hand, which deserves your money with Core Gamern: Epic Games. EPIC has a massive successful game in 3D in the market, understands what technical infrastructure, can eCommerce, has made money like hay and already a few metaverse-Ige stuff, concerts in Fortnite, for example.

On the other hand, let’s look at Lego: Lego has a great brand in clamping blocks, but the great success in the digital has failed despite many attempts. But after all, they have one thing with Epic together: Money like hay. Therefore, Lego now increases (more precisely, the family company Kirkbi, which belongs to Lego) at Epic. Price for shares in a digit height: a whopping billion US dollars.

The goal is to put a “ long-term focus on the future metaver” , which should always be called. You probably just want to sit at the table if the “Oasis” by Ready Player One actually runs on the Unreal Engine. But a concrete project is also part of this: a roblox competitor with legopholes, the Epic and Lego build together. Since Roblox is somehow metaceous, a Roblox clone metaverse, clear.

Meeting The World's Worst

Incidentally, Epic gets a billion of Sony in the same train. Sony has already bought two times shares of Epic, this is the third time. Slowly it looks like me if I go again chips from the cupboard, although I already did not care twice. After all, Sony waves to talk about the metavere, but says clearer what they really are about: around the Unreal Engine.

And what does that mean for us? Nothing, frankly. Epic floats in the money because of Fortnite and can therefore even afford to lose hundreds of millions with the Epic Store year after year. Due to the new money syringes, the swimming pool is a bit deeper.