The American You Turber Paolo has published a video that introduces the hotel “Maru Fukui” in Kyoto at the channel “Paolo from Tokyo” operated by itself. The hotel is the former head office of Nintendo in April 2022, which is scheduled to be opened in April 2022, and accommodation reservation is accommodated ahead of this January 20th.

Nintendo has started manufacturing a flower of Japan in 1902 when he started manufacturing a flower of Japan in 1902, after he started manufacturing a flower of Japan in 1902, after he started manufacturing a flower of Japan in 1902, in 1902 bottom. After that, the 1983 household television game machine “Family Computer” successfully gives up dramatically as a game company and establishes the current status. Now, Nintendo in Kyoto is the pride of Kyoto people as Nintendo in the world.

In-Depth Look @ NINTENDO HQ Hotel - First Guided Tour

It is Nintendo, but in 2000, he moved to Minami-ku, Kyoto City, which is the current position, and the game Boy Advance and Game Cube will be released in 2001. And the former Board of Company’s office worked by Plan · DO · SEE, which works on operations such as hotels and restaurants, has been reborn with the hotel “Maruwa”.

As you can see from videos, there is a unique atmosphere of retro and modern times, such as a part of the Art Deco Geometric appearance and the annual floorboard, and a small property that makes you feel the age. Hamasato THE and Kyoto should be. It has been made to be able to feel the warmth of Kyoto, which is accepted naturally that the tranquility of shrines and temples, such as the bustling and Shimizu, Minami Zen, and Kurama, and this.

It is still a situation where the corona is still followed, but I would like to stay at once in a calm.