In case you already forgot, last year it was confirmed that a series of the treasure legend lost was already under development for Disney + . Sadly, this also meant that Nicholas Cage would not return to starve it, but at the same time, it was to think that this was because a third movie was already under development. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

A couple of days ago, cage organized a question and answers session at reddit , where he confirmed that there are no plans to launch Lost Treasury legend 3:

Nicolas Cage admits ‘National Treasure 3’ didn’t happen because the phone stopped ringing

“No, your priority was to convert the franchise into a television series, so I would tell them that it is most likely not.”

Of course, the doors are still open for this third delivery in the saga, but as cage mention it, the chances of that happening are extremely low especially now that a new series is coming on the way.

Editor’s note: How sad to know that there will be no other of these films that many of us accompanied us during our childhood. I doubt very much that the series can fill that vacuum, especially if Cage does not plan to return to starve it.