When Blizzard has announced a few months ago the softening of the fraction boundaries in WOW , the outcry in the community was great. Many were happy, Since a separation in two bearings does not appear contemporary. Others again see the final death for the MMO. The opinions are thus very much apart. Blizzard himself has probably not made the decision easily and puts the new feature carefully and not overloaded.

In any case, patch 9.2.5, however, shows that the developers do not even back in front of the sacred cows, the cornerstones of wow no longer, as long as an adjustment in their eyes improves the gaming experience. We would have a suggestion, dear developer: pushes the abolition of the old-fashioned server boundaries right afterwards!

Trade – Other Faction Yes, Other Server No!

The first tests of the faction softening on the PTR show that thanks to the new feature one can even act with players of the other faction. With my group colleagues on other servers, however, I can not even share a vial or a potion. Everything that goes beyond over-zoomed manuals is under strict trading sanctions and can not leave the server!

This results in at least in our eyes relatively little sense and is only one example of how the artificial server boundaries deteriorate the gaming experience. Just that system of different servers is undoubtedly also one of the above-mentioned corner pillars of WOW (Buy Now). Therefore, I would have believed a year ago, even though I was hoping and often demanded, that these limits ever can be lifted. But now I can hardly imagine how the developers want to keep the server separations allegedly upright. The current server structure is based on the technical limits that were alleged 20 years ago and are completely outdated today. Source: current

Why does this separation exist (still)?

When WoW was developed, the technology was not yet on the stand on which she is today. The tremendous-contiguous server was simply a technical problem, which is why we got countless individual servers. 20 years later, this can no longer count as an argument. The connected server and the countless systems in the background have been showing for many years that it is easy to play with all players together.

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Why did Blizzard not yet torn the boundaries? We had a few reasons in mind, but none who really convinces us.

Technology, Economics, Money?

Of course, it is possible that it is still a technical problem that the servers all connect to each other. We can not imagine that, but admittedly neither experts for server structures nor as far as the source code of WOW is concerned.

Much more likely are the other two reasons. The first would be the economy of WOW. This would not directly collapse this with a connection of all (European) servers, but extremely walk. If suddenly the supply and demand multiply, the unsightly and above all unpredictable consequences for the economy can have within the game. The principle “More sellers, more buyers – that’s already fits,” Hardly bares here.
Without a single server, Blizzard would certainly go the one or the other euro flute – but may that count as an argument? Source: current
The third reason would be the financial side. Of course, we do not know how much money Blizzard really deserves with server transfers as a character service – but a little thing it will be. Is this money the reason why the developers maintain the antiquated server boundaries? It would be conceivable. With the cross-border game and a possibly following dissolution of the fractions, Blizzard also renounces some revenue, but the effect will be greater. Because, and we have to admit that: the division into two fractions has greater, playful disadvantages than the current server limits.

Connected servers would be okay too

I stay with my basic statement: The separation and division into the different servers is no longer up-to-date and currently offers no relevant benefits – but some playful disadvantages. Therefore, she heard in my eyes abolished.

It does not have to directly be a mega server as other MMOs use it. It would also rich if Blizzard simply connects all servers. What works well with many smaller servers so far has to be able to extend somehow to a variety of servers.

What do you think of the current server limits?
Do I possibly oversee any relevant plus, which the current structure offers the players or is you right with that a resolution of the server boundaries would only bring benefits to us?
Correspread us in the comments.

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