The Animal Crossing series enthuses Nintendo fans for years with a cute look and a relaxed atmosphere. A new game on Steam turns the spit now and makes a bright survival game from the peaceful construction simulator.

Steam has its own Animal Crossing

In 2020 Animal Crossing: New Horizons the world conquered the world in the storm and, even today, a number of players spite on the islands of the Nintendo game.

On the PC you will probably never experience the switch game. But no bang, there is an alternative to Steam: Longvinter.

The Survival-Game published on February 24th is in an early access phase and is first and foremost strongly reminiscent of the switch competitors due to its optics.

Just look at the official trailer once even and convince you of the similarity:

What awaits you in Longvinter?

Longvinter is a typical MMO in an open world in which the highest goal is surviving. You can collect resources, craft items and even build a small city.

You can set off alone or together with your friends strip through the survival world. While Animal Crossing is always peaceful, the cute look of Longvinter is very much. Other players can become true danger, because the use of firearms is a suitable means to get to the opponent’s loot.

The NEXT New Animal Crossing Game on Nintendo Switch!
But it does not always have to approach action. You can also just explore the island and your secrets, relax when fishing, grow seeds and sell your yields.

The evaluation of the Steam Games is currently very mixed. 69 percent of the players have missed Longvinter a positive review. Many call the game simply “Animal Crossing with weapons” or describe it as a simple rust.

The biggest criticisms are the overcrowded servers , which make a construction in the world really hard due to lack of space. In addition, the scope of the game is still really low. The endgame was reached quickly.

Also, the many bugs and glitches rob themselves a large part of the game fun at the present time. At least the exploration of the island and the existing collection objects should remember the experience of Animal Crossing.