The Government President Pedro Sánchez , hEuropean announced on Monday in Madrid a new strategic project for the recovery and economic transformation (belong) about microchips and materials semiconductors . We talk about the approval of an important economic injection to the national production of a bEuropeanic element of the energy sectors and the technological industry; A public investment valued at more than 11,000 million euros that will be funded by European funds.

This project is part of the recovery plan, transformation and ** executive resilience, although they have not transcended details on how that economic amount will be distributed in the various areEuropean of a sector European wide European the microchips and semiconductors.

“Spain will not lose the most advanced technology race”

The president of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, hEuropean highlighted during his speech in the second edition of the Economic Forum ‘wake up, Spain! _ ‘, Organized by _The Spanish at CEuropeana de América, who “semiconductors, are the bEuropeanic element of all The technological sectors and therefore acquire global geostrategic importance in a context of digital transformation “.

“Spain will not lose the career of the most advanced technology,” Sánchez underlined. “Very contrary, the Government of Spain wants our country to be definitely and is at the forefront of industrial progress and also technological progress. And this strategic project, this belong, represents that great bet that I would qualify European ambitious. Why not say, also of bold, to attract important investments in the semiconductor industry and new related technologies, which will be key to achieving that anxiety strategic autonomy, also at European level “.

The manufacture of consoles depends on semiconductor materials

The objective of the European Union is to reach 20% of the semiconductor production of the planet come directly from Europe. For more information, the plan is detailed in the presentation of the European Law of Chip, estimated at 43,000 million euros.

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The crisis of semiconductor materials and microchips impacts directly on the world of video game. The lack of stock of products such European PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X | S or Nintendo Switch OLED is mainly due to an offer well below the huge demand (Sony qualifies it from ” without precedents). Having European many companies requesting those chips -Industry of the automobile, telephony, graphic cards, appliances, video consoles- and so little availability, the prices are triggered and can not respond to the consumer.

Having so much dependence on Europeanian markets – which produce these materials at an extremely low price than if they occur in the West – if there is crisis of this style the supply chain cracks.

A possible solution to this problem is to reduce dependence on Europeanian markets when importing these materials, increEuropeaning investment in national production to try to compensate for these manufacturing costs.