In this list we introduce you to the best Mental Health apps for iOS and Android. These apps, all available in German, should help you to find a balance in everyday life and get your own uncertainty better under control. But you are aware that none of these apps can replace a therapy. In addition, inquire for your health insurance if the cost of the app usage may be accepted!

Content warning: The articles of Mental Health Week deal with different aspects of mental health and sometimes include examples of negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors that can cause negative reactions in some people. Please be careful with texts that potentially contain triggering topics for you.

* Important note: * If you have depression or self-destructive thoughts: you are not al1. Please get help. For example, in the German Depression Help under 0800/33 44 533 or free advice centers.


  • Platform: iOS, Android

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* Price: 12,99 Euro for monthly subscription

Headspace is already a term affected. The most well-known meditation app is particularly suitable for those who have no experience with the topic yet. In easily understandable meditation exercises, you learn to take a conscious and unconscious stress. The elegant design and the friendly texts do not pay any fear of contact at Headspace. Challenges and various topic worlds are playfully gained all experiences with the relaxation exercises that can gradually personalize.

In addition to meditation exercises, the app also offers sleeping and concentration aids. Headspace adapts to your rhythm: You can spontaneously meditate or “Daily Reminder”, which will remind you of your meditation plan and give your day more structure.


  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: 8,99 Euro for monthly subscription

7mind is the most popular meditation app of the Germans. The app is aimed at all who are in search of clearly structured and understandable meditation units, and can be waived well on the chippers. Simple exercises that always take seven minutes lead you to the world of meditation. Shields your environment in seven minutes and learn to perceive your emotions.

The simple, short exercises quickly lead to improved awareness in everyday life; 7mind shows with the intuitive operation and the clear design that you can also meditate without expertise or expensive courses.


  • Platform: iOS, Android (as a web app)
  • Price: 250 euros for a three-month program

Depresxis24 is a three-month online therapy program that uses you as a web at any time. It follows the rules of cognitive behavioral therapy and treats depression with courses and lessons from different subject areas such as exercise, relaxation or social activity. Accessible at any time and accessible everywhere: You are in dialogue with the app that accompanies your exercises on your individual needs and accompanies you as a small therapy session in everyday life. You will feel comfortable in the app quickly – and that’s especially important, especially for people who perhaps back to start with a therapy.

Foundation Warentest designates the therapy app Depprexis24 as “recommended”. The antidepressant effect of the app was detected in twelve scientific studies with several thousand patients in Germany and the USA.


  • Platform: iOS, Android (as a web app)
  • Price: Free after registration

The online therapy Moodgym is also recommended by the Stiftung Warentest – as the only free program. Moodgyym is also based on methods of classic cognitive behavioral therapy and is the perfect complement to the therapy session and works as the first touch point with the topic. On the development of the German app version, the AOK has been crucial, her is in Moodgym in professional hands.

The aim of Moodgym is to bring disturbed self-perception back to balance and thus create a healthy perspective in everyday life. With the help of the app, your negative thoughts and feelings identify, analyzes the cause and combats them very specifically. At Moodgym you do not expect cute drawings or other Firefanz – here is scientifically and professionally worked. Perfect for anyone who does not search for educational games, but targeted solutions.

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  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free, contains in-app purchases

MindDoc is an online therapy program based on cognitive behavioral therapy, and symptoms of depression are identified at an early stage. Everything revolves here to recognize and counteract negative thoughts.

“Are you very self-critical?”, “Do you get enough sleep?”, “Do you often feel dragged?”, These are some of the questions you give response to you in the short questionnaire. The app creates a profile and suggests a therapy plan. Minddoc is a colorful collection of different courses – from entry-level checks to the world of mindfulness, about basic information about symptoms of depression, to dealing with conflicts. With its intuitive operation, Minddoc can be used immediately – and therefore is particularly suitable for short and spontaneous therapy blocks.


  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free, contains in-app purchases

With Daylio, you log your emotional situation, fears, uncertainties and daily rhythms. On the basis of your behaviors and thoughts, the app creates a pattern and advises more movement, social activity or diet. So Daylio is not a stringent therapy program, but a kind of diary that helps you organize your emotions. You set your goals and the app supports you with small memories such as “Drinking water do not forget!”

What would you like to pay attention to? What is especially important to you? The completely depressurous memories are based on your plan. Daylio is a companion who helps you in everyday life to hold your abstract uncertainties and making them tangible.


  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free, contains in-app purchases

Happify is aimed at people with slight depression. In the cheerful-colorful app you click through various programs, which are based on topics such as “relationship”, “work”, “mindfulness” and many more. There are short articles and games that are all scientifically tested, and ensure a healthier perspective and self-assessment. The more your app asking, the more personalized the topics. Determines your own goals and combats negative thoughts playfully.

The app gives a soothing feeling not to be completely alone with its fears. Of course, even if Happify does not replace therapy, the app is a good opportunity to become aware of its own thoughts in a completely judgment-free environment.

* An important request: * Since our articles from the Mental Health Week are Sensitive Topics, which have partially requested us a lot in writing, we ask you very much a friendly and Understanding comment culture. Thank you and have fun reading!