Yesterday the rumors of which Microsoft would be preparing to launch a family plan for their Xbox Game Pass service, which would allow up to five users to access the service using the same subscription.

This is why Jez Corden, Central Windows, which cites “Family Fonts with Xbox‘s efforts”, and explains that the plan would take a time in development and that Microsoft would be finalizing the details around the distribution of remuneration to developers and licenses of Third-Parties.

Xbox Game Pass: A New Tier is Coming
At first, Microsoft would reveal this family plan “soon”. And, if this information will be true, it would allow up to five users from the same country to share an account, with a cost “much lower” than that of five individual subscriptions.

Windows Central says that this new subscription would use the existing system of Microsoft family accounts, such as using Office 365, where subscription has a central user that then adds to other users.