Dungeon & Fighter Mobile (Dunpa Mobile) achieved the first place in mobile game sales in the day (1 day), Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is a record that achieved only about a week after the launch of the official launch on March 24.

Dunpa Mobile is a game that reinterprets the IP of PC Action Online RPG ‘Dungeon & Fighter’, which recorded 850 million global cumulative users. It is characterized by implementing the fun of manual combat in the mobile environment, transplantation of ‘action pleasure’ in the mobile environment through the development period of five years.

Dunpa Mobile has recorded the first place in the Apple App Store in the first place before the launch, and has recorded 1.2 million prior downloads, and 11 million prior character generation, and has revealed the most in the first half. The number of users on the 24th, which was released, is a total of 1 million, which is the highest record of Nexon Mobile Games.

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Since its launch, after the launch of the Rinsey M, NCsoft’s ‘Lineage Brother’, which has been followed by sales ranking in the Google Play Store, achieved the second largest record of Lineage M in NCsoft. On the 31st, it was ranked second in sales ranking in both Google Play and Apple App Store, and it became the first place in one day.