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Animal Crossing: New Horizons in May 2022: All events, birthdays & more

Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides new things for you every month. Not only fish & insects were removed, but replaced by new ones. In addition, there are also several events and birthdays of the residents in May 2022. All of this awaits you in the next few weeks.

new fish

There are new growth in the fishing in the area of the bridge. With the gold mackerel and the spiked mackerel you can catch two new, rare specimens at the place.

You can find all new fish here :

__0 __1

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new insects

The insects have to say goodbye to their bird’s spider in May. She goes into a summer break and is replaced by the scorpion. This is at least as toxic as his hairy colleague.

You can find all new insects here :

__0 __1

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All insects with price & discount (May -update)


new marine animals

In May you will also find a handful of new species in the sea. So that you don’t miss any, we have listed the new sea animals for you like every month.

You can find all new marine animals here :

__0 __1

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – all marine animals with a price & site (May -update)


All events in May 2022

Mai-Feierei 2022

The May Feierei also starts on May 1st. You can still redeem a May Feierei ticket at the airport until May 7th **. This will take you to a special island on which a well-known guest of the Animal Crossing series is waiting for you.

So you will find the perfect way through the labyrinth :

__5 __0

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Mai Feierei 2022 in Animal Crossing: Loosen all Sterni Coupons & Labyrinth


International Museum Day 2022

From May 18 to May 31 you should urgently visit your museum again. Because Eugen organizes a stamp hunt to celebrate the day. You have to collect stamps on the various exhibits and get wall ornaments as a reward. The event returns in May 2022 and you can now also collect stamps in the art exhibition.

If you already want to prepare for the event, have a look at our guide here on marine animals. As soon as we were able to play into the event 2022, we will also adapt the guide with the new information.

__14 __0

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Museum Day in Animal Crossing – that’s why the stamp hunt is worthwhile


seasonal items on the nook portal

Nook shopping also has some new items ready for you in May 2022. So you can get special objects for Kodomo No Hi, Mother’s Day and the cheese roll event in Great Britain.

All seasonal items at a glance :

  • Carp pennant (04/28-05.05.)
  • Paper hat (04/28-05.05.)
  • Mother’s Day cup (01.05.-31.05.)

Animal Crossing New Horizons: 6 UPDATES & CHANGES in May 2022 (Details & Tips You Should Know)
* Nelken-Bouquet (01.05.-31.05.)
* Double-Gloucester cheese (May 22nd to 31st)
* Drachenbootfest-Zongzi (between 18.05 and 16.06. Available for ten days)
* Surichwi tteok (between 18.05 and 16.06.

birthdays of the residents

Not only you, your residents also have your honor day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The birthday children are in May:

  • 1. May – Tommi
  • 2. May – Juri, Marika
  • 3. May – Sylvia
  • 4. May – Dina
  • 5. May – Paolo
  • 6. May – Frank
  • 7. May – Oskar
  • 8th. May – Locke
  • 9. May – Mimmi
  • 10. May – Patricia
  • 11. May – Bella
  • 12. May – Elfi
  • 13. May – biscuit
  • 14. May – Caroline
  • 15. May – Tim
  • 16. May – IKE
  • 17. May – pink
  • 18. May – Sandrine
  • 19. May – Gerrit, Olaf
  • 20. May – Marius
  • 21. May – Juna
  • 22. May – Tina, Carsten
  • 23. May – Quiekie
  • 24. May – Anton
  • 25. May – Gulliver, Erwin
  • 26. May – Oswald
  • 27. May – Krokki
  • 28. May – Ilona
  • 29. May – Franka
  • 30. May – Tom Nook, Hamid
  • 31. May – Marlies

What are you looking forward to in Animal Crossing in May: New Horizons?

Game Culture Foundation recruits lecturers of 2022 Game Culture Class

[Young Moon Young -soo] The Game Culture Foundation is recruiting instructors for ‘2022 Game Culture Class’ by May 13th.

The 2022 Game Culture Class operates ‘Textbook -oriented Education’ and ‘Topic Selection’ course for elementary, middle school students and school youth, and other students in other students in order to help spread the sound game culture and explore the career paths..

The textbook -centered curriculum consists of gamership training to prevent games and immersion and spread the sound game culture. The subject selection lecture course consists of ▲ prevention education (prevention of games and immersion, cyber violence) ▲ Other education (adults, personal information protection, copyright protection, e -sports industry and career).

The War on the West: Douglas Murray's newly released book | Douglas Murray & Jordan Peterson
The Game Culture Foundation will select about 300 lecturers in six areas (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Chungcheong, Gyeongsang, Jeolla, Gangwon, Jeju) through the first document screening and second competency screening.

It is recruited for each education field (game -consumer, game utilization coding) and can be duplicated. Reception can be done on the homepage of the game culture class.

The lecturers selected for this recruitment will be a lecturer for game culture classes from August to July next year, and will operate online and offline education for schools and institutions.

Xbox-exclusive: A new Star Wars awaits us

According to several leaks, the makers of The Elder Scrolls are working online on a new Star WarsmMO for the Xbox. The basis for the game is said to be the popular series The Mandalorian.

more Star Wars is not possible! Or?

The fact that we expect several Star Wars games in the coming years is no longer a secret. Among other things, the remake for the cult game Knights of the Old Republic and the successor to Jedi are ordered **.

In total, however, up to eight games are in development that will be called “Star Wars” in the title.

TOP 10 ► Die besten Star Wars Spiele für PS4 & Xbox One (+ PC)
Is there under all these games, but also a brand new MMO? If you believe two well-known leakers, Zenimax Online is currently developing a new multiplayer game based on the successful series The Mandalorian **, which runs on Disney Plus.

Star Wars: The rumors condense

How credible this leak is is not yet possible. However, it is certain that Zenimax is working on a new game online ** and that it is probably again an MMO. In addition to The Elder Scrolls online, the studio also contributed to Fallout 76.

The supposed Xbox exclusivity is also obvious , since the studio has officially belonged to the Xbox family since March 2021. Only the Star Wars license is currently pure speculation.

However, there were already ** rumors for a mandalorian game in April last year. This time from another leaker:

The popularity of the series would definitely speak for a game. For many Star Wars fans, The Mandalorian is the best thing that has happened to the Star Wars franchise in recent years and so bounty hunter Mando has quickly developed into a new cult figure.

You can follow the first two seasons through the Disney Plus streaming service. The third season will probably start at the end of 2022 .

Zverev shows bottomless performance: Im sorry

Alexander Zverev went hard to court with tears in his eyes. He described his performance at the tournament in Munich as “bottomless”. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the audience, I’m sorry for the tournament,” he began the press conference after his disappointing round of 16 against the Danish teenager Holger Rune on Wednesday. The German Olympic champion was without a chance in the clear 3: 6, 2: 6. He described the match as “the worst” in recent years.

The Hamburger alone was to blame for the tart setback on the way to his big destination number 1. “This is not the fault of my fitness trainer. It is not the fault of my physio. If you find an excuse now, you are not the tasty person in the world,” said Zverev. The Munich triple mission failed before it really started. Effectively, Zverev waved to the audience when he passed from the Center Court.

Zverev: “I was incredibly nervous today”

After a title-box start into the season, the Davis Cup player had traveled to the Bavarian capital with great ambitions. Instead of his third winning car, there was the next disappointment. “I was incredibly nervous before the match today. For the first time in Germany in front of an audience for the first time,” said Zverev. He still has around a month to find its shape until the French Open start.

In Munich, Zverev played unusually incorrect from the start and immediately gave up his first service game. “I played today without forgoing. I would have lost to everyone in the main field today,” said Zverev, baunt and baunted. Rune’s stop balls in particular caused significant problems for the 1.98 meter tall German. Zverev struggled loudly on the almost full Center Court in Munich and cursed towards his box.

Anyone who had hoped for a turn in set two of the many German fans on Aumeisterweg was quickly disappointed. A forehand online, a backhand in the end and a volley somewhere in the advertising gang – Zverev seemed completely unsettled and without ideas at one of his favorite tournaments. After a little more than 90 minutes, number 70 from Denmark used the second match ball. For Rune it was the first career victory against a top ten player. “I really did my best, even if you didn’t see it on the pitch,” said Zverev.

Altmaier also fails

Boris Becker:

Previously, Daniel Altmaier from Kempen had lost his round of 16. The 23-year-old lost to the Serbs Miomir Kecmanovic with 2: 6, 4: 6. Oscar Otte is the last German in the field of Munich’s traditional tournament. The top favorite for the title is now the Norwegian Casper Ruud.

Sony apparently provides you hrs of trials for all pricey games – however except everybody

Game Trials for some AAA games” were additionally marketed for the “Premium” bundle. Currently there is obviously new information.

What’s taking place at PS Plus? In the coming months, the “new PS Plus” will certainly be presented – the beginning for June 22nd is on the schedule in Europe. From after that on there will be 3 various designs – “Essential”, “Additional” and also “Premium”.

The brand-new PS Plus model will certainly begin in a few months, which need to bring new games with you, to name a few things. Currently there is a new record on what sort of games that ought to impact.

PS Plus Premium need to suggest test versions

Indie Games Are Just Better Than AAA Games

According to a record by Video game Developer, designers that work with games that cost even more than 33 euros should offer at the very least two hrs of test variations for “PS And Also Premium”. That would most likely consist of most of new AAA games.

On top of that, designers can remain to create trials or tests for all PlayStation individuals if they desire that. It is only prescribed in connection with PlayStation Plus Premium.

In addition, designers ought to also have the chance to make demo variations that are not simply a time-limited examination variation of the game that finishes after two hours. Nonetheless, this should be selected a situation -by -situation basis.

According to the record, programmers would certainly have up to 3 months after the game was launched in the PS Shop time to supply such a test variation. The PS And also Premium gamers need to after that be available for year.

Are there exemptions? According to the record, this ought to just use to new games, not for those that currently exist. In addition, this did not relate to VR games.

What is Playstation Plus Premium?

PlayStation Plus Premium is one of the most expensive of the 3 new PS And also versions. It sets you back EUR 16.99 each month, EUR 49.99 quarterly or EUR 119.99 yearly.

To name a few things, it supplies:

On top of that, there is the opportunity of the tests. For contrast: PS Plus Additional expenses

  • Monthly: EUR 13.99
  • Quarterly: EUR 39.99
  • Every year: EUR 99.99

  • All material of the models “Necessary” and “Premium”, like the month-to-month games. By the means, there is currently a leak for the new PS And also games.

  • Additionally, various older games for streaming and also downloading
  • The possibility to stream games on the computer

as well as PS And also Vital expenses

The brand-new PS Plus model will certainly start in a few months, which ought to bring new games with you, among various other points. Now there is a new report on what kind of games that need to influence. In the coming months, the “new PS Plus” will be presented – the begin for June 22nd is on the schedule in Europe. ** According to the record, this need to only use to new games, not for those that currently exist. In addition, this did not use to VR games.

  • Regular monthly: EUR 8.99
  • Quarterly: EUR 24.99
  • Yearly: EUR 59.99

If you are looking for a precise review of the new models, you will locate it below: All brand-new PS plus variations at a glimpse and also with assessment.

Valheim has already sold more than ten million copies

Iron Gate Studio and the editor Coffee Stain have announced that Valheim , their title launched in February 2021 in early access, has already managed to exceed ten million copies sold. Through the statement on their Twitter account they wanted to thank their support for the community, and have declared that neither in their “craziest dreams could have imagined this.”

Valheim’s success does not come from now on; In February 2021, when he had only left in early access, he had already sold more than one million copies worldwide, and three million in 16 days.

‘Valheim’ has sold over four million copies in three weeks
In addition, shortly after we knew that it had become the game with the fastest growth in Steam’s history in terms of concurrent players, something that was consumed a few days later when reaching the eighth place of simultaneous users in the history of the platform of the platform of Valve with more than half a million.

In the statement of the news, Richard Svensson, executive director of Iron Gate Studio, has declared that the development team “has doubled since its launch” and has shared the occasional extra detail about Mistlands, a new * Bioma * that is in development and will be implemented in future updates; The first added since Valheim left in early access. However, we do not have many news about him, beyond that we can make new weapons and there will be more enemies to discover than in the base game.

At the moment, Mistlands does not have a release date.

Pokemon Go: How to get Shiny Alolan Geodude during the Community Day in May

There is a brand new Alolan Geodude Community Day before Pokémon Go in May. For those of you who want to catch a shiny Alolan Geodude, they are lucky. Community Days are the best time to catch the highlighted Pokémon, so this is your chance to get a shiny Alolan Geodude. Without further adieu, here’s all you need to know to catch a shiny Alolan Geodude in Pokemon Go.

How to get shiny Alolan Geodude at Community Day

The Alolan Geodude Community Day takes place at Saturday, May 21, from 11:00 to 14:00 local time . During this time, Alolan Geodude will spread more often, which gives you more options to catch a shiny. As with every community day event, there will be a lot of active bonuses that reward you with more sweets and XP as usual.

Alolan *GEODUDE* Community Day - May | POKÉMON GO
Although it may seem formalized at this point, as the Community Days offer the same bonuses, the same new features and special research history, the Alolan Geodude Community Day is one that you should not miss. This is not the first time that the shiny Alolan Geodude in Pokemon Go is available, but during the event Shiny Alolan Geodude is more common in the wild . You can also develop your shiny Alolan geodude to a shiny Alolan kiesler and finally to a shiny Alolan Golem.

All you have to do to snap a glossy alolan geodude is exploring. If you walk around during the Alolan Geodude Community Day, it will give many opportunities to catch a shiny alola geodude . Normally events increase the occasion rate of highlighted Pokémon, but during the Alolan Geodude Community Day, the glossy Alolan Geodude will have an increased spawn rate.

You can also use a frankincense or a bait to increase the pokemon, which come to you during the event. Close up with coaches nearby during the event and use a single bait, you can get 4x Catch XP for a 30-minute window. If you use the shiny Alolan Geodudes, you will win tons of XP.

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And that’s all you need to know to do it start a shiny Alola Geodude in Pokemon Go . We cover everything around Pokemon Go. So if you are curious about upcoming Spotlight Hours or other events, you will see our Pokemon go guides. Good luck coach!

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Pokemon Go: How to get Shiny Alolan Geodude during the Community Day in May

Metabus enterprise with raise planet, development talent

Harvard i-lab | Developing a Social Enterprise Business Plan with Allen Grossman
[Eye News 24 Moon Young-soo] An Olympian Planet (Representative Kwon Jae-hyun) announced on the 25th that he was in charge of the talent to participate in the Metabus Platform ‘Eliples’ preparing for launching.

Elivace is a platform that manages the brand’s metabus worldview. In Electo, we can connect the brand’s worldview and consumers to the metabus space, and this is the company’s explanation that consumers can experience a new brand experience.

The employment field is a variety of job fields such as the enemy development room, real-time content, such as the engine development, the development room, and the realization media, such as real-life media. As a metaverse D2C platform, separate professional workforce for centralized service development is also being recruited for central service development.

Founded in 2015, the Olympian Planet established a strategy to build a metaverse market with an enterprise as well as an enterprise as well as an affected metabus platform. It is also scheduled to establish an Elyps Academy that cultivates metabus talent, and will be contributed to the evolution of the metabus market, progressing free education for employees and general public targets.

“The Olympian Planet is a Metropolitan Management Providing Metropolitan Metropolitan Metropolitan Plain Management Support Office,” The Olyung Planet led to the next generation meta bus era and adopts a metaverse platform career to lead the market. ” We are carrying out various employees’ welfare system and in-house talent recommendation system. We will do our best to make our employees be happy as a varying company as a variety of employees. “

Meanwhile, the Olympian Planet has recently transferred to the Parnas Tower near Samsung Station. It recorded sales growth by 2020 from 2017 and was selected for ‘Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies 2022 (Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies 2022)’.

Red Bull Salzburg: Will Karim Adeyemi also go Nicolas Seiwald?

On Sunday, Red Bull Salzburg fixed the ninth championship title in a row. Around the 5-0 victory against Austria Vienna, the transfer rumors increased again.

The strong achievements of the Salzburgers also fuel the interest of top international clubs in the key players of the serial champion.

Salzburg sports director Christoph Freund confirmed at SKY Talks with Borussia Dortmund regarding Karim Adeyemi. “There is still nothing to be reported, nothing fixed yet. We are in conversations with Dortmund, they are very interesting. Karim would not be averse either. We’ll see what the next few days and weeks will bring, ”says Freund.

Freund continues: “Karim Adeyemi has two more years and therefore a transfer is due. And there is simply negotiations and discussions about this transfer. It would be a great situation if he would play Champions League with us for the next six months. But he can imagine taking the next step. “

Ein Tag mit Karim Adeyemi

Articles and videos about the topic
* Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

In addition to Adeyemi, Nicolas Seiwald is also in demand. Most recently, the talented midfielder was associated with Bayer Leverkusen. When asked by salzburg24, whether he will also appear in the bull jersey next season, Seiwald only said: “I can’t say that because football is always very quick in football. Next Sunday I am in the cup final.”

Assassin’s Creed release could be thanks to possible Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed fans must be currently satisfied with the new Easter Update and Odin-DLC by Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a new part of the series is not in sight. Although it is intended to give insiders with the standalone title assassin’s Creed Rift scheduled as Valhalla-DLC, originally planned as Valhalla-DLC, or at the end of 2023, a new main part lags loud after a Kotaku report, but in the development.

Sexism problems with ubisoft: The French developer and publisher has been accused of toxic corporate culture since July 2020. Underneath far-reaching sexism problems, women’s kneading and discrimination, which should be deeply anchored in the company. While ubisoft has already been consequences, for example, employees of the management level were exchanged and to the allegations openly commented on, in-house, these measures are felt by many employees but not sufficient.

Ubisoft fights with production difficulties

According to several insiders, Ubisoft had to move internally to the release of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Game. But not only AC should be affected by the shift, the next Far Cry should also appear at a later date than originally planned.

What is behind? Bloomberg reports that Ubisoft should be the goal of the next takeover. Several equity companies such as Blackstone Inc. and Kkr & Co. are intended to express their interest in a deal with Ubisoft.

Ubisoft itself, no serious negotiations with the potential buyers have yet to have absorbed a deal but not basically disappeared:

__59 __1

more on the subject

Sony and Microsoft in the purchase of purchase: Ubisoft expresses itself to possible takeover


According to Kotaku, Ubisoft should also work closely with external consulting firms to make different areas of the company. This will become ubisoft more profitable, which could indicate a preparation for a possible mega-deal.

Why should ubisoft through the sale? Currently there is Ubisoft on a weakening share price and complains about continued production difficulties. The catastrophic state of the many studios is a reason why Ubisoft could respond to a deal.

Through the preparations for a possible deal and the associated shifts, it could be that the Ragnarök DLC is probably the last to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which we could see in the near future from the franchise:

Further acquisitions from the video game industry can be found here:

  • 12 billion dollar deal: Take-two wants to buy mobile giants cynga

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 2022™
* Sony wants to buy Destiny developer bungie for 3.2 billion euros
* Microsoft wants to buy Activision Blizzard for 70 billion US dollars

Ubisoft rumors could be true

How likely is that? Both at Bloomberg and Kotaku are trusted sources, so that it is to be assumed that there is a great purchase interest in Ubisoft. However, that does not mean that there is actually a deal. Ubisoft Meanwhile, there is only on not to rumors or speculation.

How do you see the next potential takeover? Do you have concerns about such a deal?

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