In the Epic Games Store you get the next chamfering gift today. The download platform attracts with two free games this week : This time you click both Total: Warhammer and City of Brass free in your library. The activation takes place at the usual time: The two full versions can be downloaded for free this afternoon from 5 pm. You then have time for a week to link the two games with your account. Have you done this until April 7, you can City of Brass and Total was: Warhammer keep permanently kept and playing as often as you like.

Strategy and Action Adventure

In City of Brass, an action adventure is waiting for you. You are armed with saber and whip to fight you through an oriental city that is full of dangers. The game comes from Developer Studio Uppercut Games, which consists of many employees, who have previously worked on Bioshock, among other things. In our test was too talent: Warhammer reappeared her, which is expected to give you to the strategy game of Creative Assembly, which is available from today for free in the Epic Games Store as a download . The title scores with spectacular battles, lot of unit types, motivating RPG elements and crisp short laps.

Activation this afternoon

LIVE Reveal of next free games on Epic Games Store

Until the activation of the two new free games you will still receive the free full version of the past week: the pineapple fun demon’s tilt. Which gaming gift has laced the Epic Games Store for the coming week, we learn this afternoon for the launch of City of Brass and Total was: Warhammer. Also 2022 the platform wants to distribute at least one PC game for free every seven days for free.

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