The UNITY graphics engine presents its technological improvements through cinematographic demos for several years now, and fed is its latest effort. The short clip shows an intimidating woman playing chess in a chic and deco room that turns into a Wayne Manor style elevator. Many improvements focus on skin shaders and tension technology, helping to create more realistic and credible faces.

There are also reflections by throwing rays, and the demo also uses DLSS to rebuild the image at 4K without any loss of details. Another thing to pay attention is the hair: “For the very realistic locks of the protagonist, the demonstration team and Unity’s research and development team collaborated on a brand new capillary solution for creation., import, simulation and rendering of hair based on wicks. “

Stacking up the new functionality in DOTS Physics | Unite Now 2020

As you probably doubt, all this works on a high-end PC, but Unity says it has prepared several other versions optimized for lower hardware targets, including consoles like the PlayStation 5. It will be exhibited all week. On the Unity stand at the GDC. Obviously, do not expect the games look like this for a while – it was created to promote a graphics engine, after all – but it should give you a taste of the direction we take.