Pre-registration Apex Legends Mobile worldwide is already available, and players want to learn everything about this upcoming “royal battle.” APEX Legends Mobile, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published Electronic Arts, will be implemented in collaboration with the Apex Legends command created by Respawn, and other partners.


Apex Legends Mobile is being developed together Revival of entertainment as well as Studios Lightspeed and Quantum . Currently, the game is available in 10 countries for a limited regional launch. Developers reported that during this period nine legends will be available, and players with Android and iOS devices will be able to participate in the regional launch.

A restricted regional launch of Apex Legends Mobile includes several game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Mini Battle Royale, 3 to 3 arena and even the rating mode. Players can expect that more game modes will be added before the global launch. Although the progress of the account and achievements will be reset to the global release of the game, players can start learning the foundations during a limited regional launch.

Want to know if Legends will be for mobile devices when the game comes out? Note: Some Legends makes debuts in Apex Legends Mobile before the main game in Pro Game Guides!