The first boss to you meet in Elden ring, the grafted scion. In this fight you are no aids such cure available and also the damage caused to her is rather modest. Most of you should therefore have beaten the crap out the nasty monsters before you sent Were you directly to the cemetery of the castaways – at first without a chance at revenge. But there later.

return is possible

This is what: losing the fight against the transplanted scion, is no disgrace. On the contrary, this is even intended by From Software like this. Even who wins with precise timing, the runes can not bring into play. To continue with the story, you have to die. Whoever wins, however, will be rewarded with two items.

Revenge is later possible: If this defeat is now gnawing at you, you should know that you later take bitter revenge in the game can. Simply from the cemetery of the stranded where you automatically hinschickt the game after you have been killed, is not possible.

But you can later on Chapel of expectation back to where you has attacked the monster.

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return thanks Portal

The return is due to a portal possible. In the western Liurnia you find four bell towers when their four-bell towers the way uphill followed by the grace foot. Three of the towers you expect inactive portals, at the top you will find a chest, is in the a Magic Sword Key (not to be confused with the stone sword keys).


Elden Ring - SECRET OP Weapon! (How to Find HIDDEN Boss)
Map Map grace towers


Grab the key and uses it the very next tower, left below the with the chest. Now you can go back through the portal to the chapel of expectation. There you can quite easily defeat the boss, if you have leveled a bit. You gain it remains his sword and shield and runes – but especially your revenge.

Magic Sword Key already in use? Have used her the key from the chest at the bell tower already on another portal, this has been destroyed by the use. But you can find two more. First, there is in a chest in the town of Sellia in Caelid, one on the roofs in the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia.

spoiler alert The next section contains spoilers to an NPC quest.

What is there to be seen? Behind the Boss arena we continue into a small area. There you will find a key object and a spirit Rasche. The key item is the storm Falk king which ye Nepheli Loux give can. However, end of the game wondering currently that their quest seems imperfect and wonder how this continues or whether it may be blocked by a bug.

Update: Patch 1:03 was extended quest Nepheli Loux. In addition, the new version includes the game also more Quest extensions for other NPCs as well as a completely new character.

Have you already discovered the portal and enjoyed your revenge?