In cochevel today the last departure of the men in the ski-alpine season 2021/22 goes over the stage. Here you can follow the race in the live ticker here.

Ski Alpin: Departure of the men in Courchevel – the level

Place Name Time / residue
1. Marco Odmatt 1: 50.77
2. Beat Feuz \ + 0.20
3rd Aleksander Aamodt Kilde \ + 0.51
4. Dominik Paris \ + 1.20
5. Ryan Cochran Siegle \ + 1.29

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Ski Alpin: Departure of the men in Courchevel now in the live ticker

Marco Odmatt (SUI): Since last weekend, it is clear that Marco Odmatt will decide the overall World Cup – he’s very high pressure. In terms of technical terms, the Swiss impresses another time and pushes through an outstanding middle part including the optimal line to Beat Feuz. Odermatt finally saves this lead over the finish line and conquered one!

Travis Ganong (USA): Already during the two training trips Travis Ganong could not make friends with the slope and landed well in the classification. Now the American keeps the residue with a solid journey halfway within limits, the front ranks can not attack due to this most tagual approach.

Dominik Paris (ITA): Two seasonal victories are already available for Dominik Paris, he puts again at the World Cup final? No, that will not work! His excellent gliding capabilities initially bring the Italian into a promising position, but then the short turns in the middle part pull the tooth. Ultimately, Paris ends with exactly a second behind only on third place.

Daniel Danklmaier (AUT): The third Austrian conspircates a rank under the best 15, as only these places also contribute points to the World Cup final. At first, Daniel Danklmaier is even on cloth constituency to the best time, after the third intermediate time, however, he also comes from the perfect line and falls back. After all, he sorts himself in front of his compatriots Matthias Mayer and Max Franz.

Matthias Mayer (AUT): The Olympic In the Super-G was definitely the season highlight of Matthias Mayer, who could also triumph at the first World Cup departure of the winter in Lake Louise. Another success of the Austrian prevents inside peak in the middle section of the route, whereby he has to take a huge detour and loses just under a second. In the end, Mayer joins only on the fourth position.

Max Franz (AUT): After three of the absolute favorites on the day victory were right at the beginning of the series, three Austrians follow, which want to optimally exploit their good start numbers. Max Franz, however, does not preclude the narrow turns on the slopes, so he is a great residue early, which he can no longer catch up.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR): PotAvorit Aleksander Aamodt Kilde was already winning three runs in this winter, so he can now terminate the small crystal ball for the victory in the discipline rating. The Norwegian relies on a high risk, but before the first meantime, a shunting second has to cope as he can prevent a fall from a jump only with difficulty. Another mistake on the last meters Key is finally the best time!

Ryan Cochran Siegle (USA): In the second departure training Ryan Cochran-Segle drove the fastest time, he also shows this performance here in the competition and endangers the specification of Beat Feuz? No, he does not do that by far! His actually strong technology can not play the Americans on the curvy course, which is why he continuously loses the time and crosses the finish line crosses.

Beat Feuz (SUI): It is directly exciting, because the last departure race of the season is opened by Beat Feuz! To protect the chance of the small crystal ball, the 35-year-old must now make use of the best piste conditions and set a top time. Apart from two little uncertainties shortly after the start, Feuz masters all the key points of the route until the clock after 1: 50.97 minutes stop. Where does the Swiss land with this ride?

Ski Alpin: Departure of the gentlemen in Courchevel now in the live ticker – race start

Before starting: Although the profit of the small crystal ball for Matthias Mayer (start number 5) is mathematically possible, the residue of 84 meters is almost hopeless. Nevertheless, the kärtner like Vincent Kreizmayr (11) as well as Daniel Hemetsberger (17) is a candidate on the daily victory, the latter looks forward to the new route. ‘Es is a super nice departure. It would be much better if it would turn less, but it’s a bit of a compromise with the ladies who drive the same run. Fits great, so Hemetsberger. In addition, Max Franz (4), Daniel Danklmaier (6) and Otmar Striedinger (18) complete the Speed ​​team of the Austrian Ski Association.

Before starting: After a promising start of the season, the form curve in the speed riders of the German Ski Association last showed rather downwards – also keeps waiting for the first podium in the winter. Nevertheless, Romed Baumann (start number 14) looks forward to the race with anticipation. ‘The track is cool and has curves from top to bottom. There is nothing extreme, like a special steep slope or the like. But it goes from top to bottom momentum to momentum, said the 36-year-old. In addition to Baumann, Dominik Schwaiger (10) and Josef Ferst (25) are at the start. Both Vice world champion Andreas Sander and Simon Jocher have missed a placement among the best 25 in the departure rating.

Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT) | Winner | Men's Downhill | Courchevel/Meribel | FIS Alpine

Before starting: Today, the decision will take place around the Departure World Cup. The best chances of the small crystal ball has Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (570 points), which leads the ranking to Beat Feuz (547 points), Matthias Mayer (486 points) and Dominik Paris (482 points). Four ski trucks are still in the race around the trophy.

Before starting: **** At 10 o’clock the race goes off.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the exit of the men in Courchevel.

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Ski Alpin: Departure of the men in Courchevel today on TV and Livestream

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Ski Alpin: The Stand in the World Cup of Gentlemen

Place Name Points
1. Aleksander Aamodt Kilde 570
2. Beat Feuz 547
3rd Matthias Mayer 486
4. Dominik Paris 482
5. Marco Odmatt 437
6. Niels Hintermann 432
7. Vincent Kreizmayr 365
8. Daniel Hemetsberger 301
8. Johan Clarey 301
10. Bryce Bennett 206