In Elden Ring, players will find various key items and accessories that can be equipped to improve the characteristics of the sweat. Talisman TwinBlade Talisman is one of these items, and it can be attached to your equipment to increase the efficiency of combined and chain attacks.

Tabisman TwinBlade can be obtained from Morne Castle Located on the southern outskirts of G. Playing Peninsula . As soon as you get inside the castle, go to the southern part, climbing the stairs. Players will find rear of the castle site of grace from where they can jump on the shafts to get to the Western Tower of Morne Castle. Talisman TwinBlade Talisman is hidden in a treasure chest at the top of this Western Tower.

TBINBLADE mascot strengthens the last blow of chain attacks and is very useful if the players have two-handed weapons. Talisman depicts the classroom technique confessor and allows players to apply a huge damage to the last blow. This talisman can be sold for 500 runes in any trading camp.

There is also a battle with a boss located on the southern outskirts of Morne Castle. Players will find Leonin illegitimate Boss in Morne Castle, and victory over him will reward players with a legendary sword with a grafted blade.

Elden Ring - Twinblade Talisman Location
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