A collaboration that has become a topic that the artist Yonezu Genians were attacked by the new CM of PLAYSTATION sold by Sony Interactive Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SIE). We have also told information about collaboration several times on this site, but this time we look back on the previous efforts of SIE and Mr. Yonagu!

# The beginning is “early access” of 1/23-cm

On January 23, it was announced that Mr. Yonezu appeared at the new CM in the official Twitter of PlayStation. In the figure of “transformed” of Mr. Yonezu, the voice and reaction of surprise on SNS continued.

In addition, “123 Early Access” that can check CM for a day earlier for PS4 / PS5 users. It seems that the new song “ POP Song “, which is also appointed in CM, is faster than anywhere, it seems to have been a first time in Japan.

On the same day, Shibuya 109 has appeared in the huge advertisement of the wall. Initially, it was scheduled for 5 days of publication, but the period was extended and I was able to see that figure until January 30th.

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PLAYSTATION New CM released! “POP SONG” breaks up to 1,9 million playback

CM’s shocking announcement and the day after Early access, a CM of PlayStation of 30 seconds from SIE was announced.

New CM is subject to “no play world | Play Has No Limits”, and Yonzu, who has suddenly transformed from one soldier, and the soldiers are funny and the soldiers are “play” outside the castle wall It is a CM full of playfulness, such as drawing how to take it into the world.

MV, MV, which is also used in CM, MV has been published by MV from February 6, and has been a month since the publication has been 10 months. Is. A scene that was not used in CM also draws a world view full of “play”.

# More special version CM also released- “1/2 · 3” “123 seconds version”

From February 17th, it is also a “1 · 2 · 3” that is the secret word of PlayStation, “PLAY HAS NO LIMITS” 123 seconds version has been released. It is a special version that has been directed by SE, which is different from the 30-second CM and MV, which was published earlier, and it is better to draw the “play world” drawing.

Furthermore, in the “ SWITCH ” March issue published from Switch Publishing on February 20, Mr. Yonagu, a transformed appearance, is decorating the cover. Among the PLAYSTATION special features, which were incorporated in page 70, I was stated that I put in “POP SONG”, and talk with Ueda Masato Ueda of a game creator who worked on “Wanda and a large image”, PLAYSTATION The contents of the gamer must-see, such as the history of the history and attention.

In addition, this site will carry out a campaign to present “ PLAYSTATION × Yonezu Gen Gan Original Sticker ” from 6:15 pm today to 5 people. As it is an original sticker of not for sale, please check this opportunity.

Yonezu Genguji’s “POP SONG” is well received at various sites. The previous information in collaboration can also be viewed in the PlayStation official Twitter moment.