The SK Storm delivered Red Bull Salzburg on Sunday a hot and tight match, but finally it was enough for a 0: 1 defeat against the leader. After closing whistle Sturm-Coach Christian Ilzer was disadvantaged by the referee.

In the first 45 minutes, the SK storm made the better impression, but let the efficiency miss before the opposing goal. Red Bull Salzburg presented herself unfamiliar and made some simple miscalculations.

The second pass then dominated Red Bull Salzburg over wide routes – Maximilian Wöber scored the leadership hit for the Austrian serial master after 55 minutes after a corner. Bitter for storm: Twice twice, Dieter Muckhammer took a hand penalty for the Styrians. Much-thin choices where storm coaches Ilzer was involved.

Ilzer: “That’s not in the sense of football”

“Muckhammer has had good look at the situations and decided on penalty. At the first situation, we had a super rebound situation, because you can get away from the ball from the ball. And finally, the ball continues with the Tormann. At the second situation Jantschi come over without the hand game on the opponent and shoots with the right foot – and again it goes again with the ball at the Tormann. This scene was only stopped by hand and with nothing else. For me, the topic is that after the hand game was interrupted twice the game and the possession has changed. This is not in the sense of football, “says Ilzer’s assessment at SKY.

Representation: “The referee decides twice a penalty, but there was one of me to be important for me in a killerlein in Vienna today.” Background: Muckenhammer gave two penalty twice, but was asked twice from the Var to the monitor.

With the performance itself, the storm trainer was largely satisfied. “It was a good performance, but unfortunately too little to win here. We had to go in the initial phase in the lead, Salzburg was unsure and we did it well. “

Jaissle: “Can understand that it is bitter for storm”

Salzburg coach Matthias Jisionle was kindly satisfied: “In the first half, we did not find the right positioning in principle. We were not clean enough on the way. But you can not forget that this is a young troupe, which is a young troupe during the week 1: 7 has lost. There it is difficult to be physically and mentally full of height. The team deserves great praise. “

In the penalters scenes, Jaissle did not see a problem: “If the referee looks again, it is usually a narrow box. I trust the rules, but I can understand that it is bitter for storm. The Var has checked that and I trust the Decision.”

Through the threesome, the Mozartstädter march towards the championship and now have eleven points ahead of Vienna Austria, which now occupies second place. One point behind it lurks with 18 meters Storm Graz.

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Storm will come to score against Austria Klagenfurt next matchday, while Salzburg starts at the same time at Wolfsberger AC.