Microsoft provides updates on the valve’s portable game machine steam deck support.

Most Xbox game studio titles are run on a steam. However, some game, Gears 5, Halo Infinity, Microsoft Fly Simulator X is not supported.

The title does not work on the steam as a cheating system, and it was not announced in future support.

Microsoft is showing verification for the 8 games of the Xbox Game Studio. In addition, six games have been displayed as playable. The difference between verification and playback is found only a small problem, such as a warning after starting, or to call a virtual touch screen to enter a character during a game.

Multiplayer Games Run On Valve Steam Deck - Elite Dangerous Console Support Ended - Today In Gaming

In addition, the exhibition valve announced the official steam deck support of Microsoft has released a window driver on the steam deck. For this reason, the window was installed on the Stem Deck and then accessed the Xbox game pass.

The valve CEO Gave Newwell said, “Microsoft is welcomed that it has released the Xbox Games Pass in Steam,” he said, “I am pleased with Microsoft to enjoy the game at Steam.”