“Fool’s ships” – the upcoming cooperative game in the Roguelite genre, developed by FIKA Productions and produced by Team 17. In this marine game you and your friends will have a treacherous sea trip. If you are interested in “Fruit Ship”, you may be wondering when it comes out.

“Ship Durakov” will be released in 2022 on PCs and unspecified consoles . Although there is no accurate date of exit, you can expect the game this year. In the meantime, you can follow the official fool’s ship Twitter and see the trailer on the official team of 17 YouTube.

Ship of Fools - Official Announcement Trailer

What is the fool ship?

The ship fools is Cooperative Rogali where you and your friends should go to the sea and break through the dangerous creatures and Leviathans. Storms are another threat in the open sea, and you will need to correctly adjust your course to avoid wind and rain.

You can control guns and reflect the boarding to protect your ship from marine monsters, as well as use baubles and artifacts to save the world now when the Great Lighthouse was destroyed. Follow the “ship of fools” to be prepared for sailing when it comes out on PC and consoles!

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