Gamescom 2020 and GamesCom 2021 were events only online due to Covid-19 complications, but this year’s GameScom event will have a physical aspect once again. The organizers of Gamescom, Game, announced this week that the event scheduled for August 24 will be held again in Cologne, Germany, where the exhibition halls will be filled with games and other products for attendees to interact. There will also be an “extensive digital program” included in the Gamescom 2022 plans, the organizers said, so those who can not attend can keep up with the procedures from home as they did in previous years.

Ads on the plans for this year’s GameScom event were shared in a press release that is also located on the Gamescom site. Inside, it was confirmed that we will see a hybrid plan used for this year’s event with “proven and proven” security measures to promote the safety of all those who may be in place, whether presenters or general assistants.

«The unique feeling of Gamescom Festival is back: the world’s largest event that revolves around computer and video games and the leading business platform in Europe for the Games industry will be held once again In the Colonia exhibition halls from August 24 to 28, “the announcement on this said the year event. “The experience in the place will be combined with an extensive digital program.”

Since this is the first year in a long time that Gamescom returns as a physical event, those who are considering attending may wonder this year. The organizers said the event will have the “feeling of a single festival” that Gamescom promotes, as well as the presentation of Opening Night Live that normally initiates the event each year.

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Oliver Frese, director of operations of the Koelnmesse organizer, offered some comments on the “convincing momentum” that is currently felt within the community of players in general, as well as the “solid concept” that Gamescom has for the event this year.

«Finally we are back with Gamescom, in Cologne and online!» Said Frese. «And this with a convincing boost of the Games Industry. This pleases me a lot. Together we have established a solid concept, in which context, of course, we also guarantee safety and health, as well as the welfare of all. ” the people that is here”.

GamesCom 2022 will be held on August 24 and will be extended until August 28.