State of Play Confirmed & Details Revealed | God of War TV Series Coming | Sly Cooper Reveal Rumor
Since the release of the last game of the Action Adventure series Sly Cooper, nine years have passed. Although there were always speculation about a new offshoot, but so far it has never been concretely. That could change soon.

That claims at least the well-known insider and leader “Accountngt”. In a current Tweet, he relies on a non-detailed source whose statement belongs to the developer studio Sucker Punch allegedly work on a new Sly Cooper game. The announcement of the project was planned for the second half of this year. These could coincide with the great anniversary on the occasion of the 20th birthday of the series: The first Sly Cooper came on September 23, 2002 for the PlayStation 2 on the market. The anniversary would be the appropriate occasion for such an announcement.

Should this rumor come true, but should no longer be expected with a release this year. Between the revelation and the publication are usually several months, which would rather indicate a release at the earliest in early 2023. In addition, you should enjoy the leak with some caution, because so far, there is neither a confirmation nor a statement by Sucker Punch or Sony. On the other hand, “Accountngt” with his forecasts has already several times. This becomes interesting in particular, since according to his statements also a new offshoot of Infamous at Sucker Punch should arise.