Some Genshin Impact players may have already spent their hard-earned primogems on Yae Miko, but they may want to start saving because the release date of Kamisato Ayato could be right around the corner.

Advertiser of the Kamisato Clan, Yashiro Commissioner and older brother of Ayaka – even one of the currently best DPS characters in the game – Ayato is expected to be a hydro-sword user such as Xingqiu. This Boba-loving statesman seems to be a scary complement to every team, especially when the leaks that show his skills as correct.

After what we have seen so far, Ayato scales with critical damage than its most important rise status, which could give its artifacts a certain flexibility. In addition, early recordings that allegedly show Ayatos’s ultimate skills, the impression that he could be very well combined with people like Ganyu, who himself received a repetition next to Zhongli in version 2.4.

What do we allegedly know about Ayato? Continue reading to find out the Genshin Impact Publication Date of Kamisato Ayato , its skills and all the leaks that hitherto pierced. As with all unknown characters, the information in this guide is not to be understood as the gospel.

Publication date of Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato Ayato will eventually appear Impact Version 2.6 during Genshin. With a six-week update cycle that always lands on a Wednesday, we can predict that 2.6 will be released on 30 March.

Whether Ayato celebrates with the new version premiere or is retained until the second half of the patch remains to be seen.

“The game of politics is full of dangers. My Lord has no joy of these, battles’. For him it is only… a question of duty “- Thoma

◆ Kamisato Ayato ‧ Column of bravery
◆ leader of the Kamisato clan
◆ Hydro
Guardian of the Cypress # Genshinimpact

  • Genshin impact (@Genshinimpact) 4. February 2022

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato skills

DataMiners have worked devilically hard to uncover everything about the Kamisato man, which they could. While there is no official confirmation of his kits, there are Kamisato Ayatos’s skills that it has previously reported from the 2.6 beta. Ayato has been optimized several times in the beta area, so look every week after the latest update.

Ayato showcase via waffle of genhin_impact_leaks

Normal attack – Kamisato Art – Korobi

  • Normal attack: Lead up to five fast blows
  • Charged attack: consumes a certain endurance to preliminary and execute an IAI
  • Running attack: Crashes from the air to meet the floor below, adds to all enemies in your way and causes the impact of land damage

Elemental ability – Kamisato art: Kyouka

Ayato conjures a hydro clone of himself, the enemies mocked and explodes – either at the end of its duration (15 seconds) or if it suffered damage – and opposed opponents near AOE Hydro damage.

After activation of the skill, Ayato enters the Soukai Kanka state in which it uses its shunusuiken sword to perform lightning fast attacks. His resistance to interruptions is increased in this state. In addition, normal attack damage is converted into AOE hydro damage. This can not be overwritten by other elementary modifiers.

Ayato also receives the Wave Flash effect during Souka Kanka, which increases Shunusuiken damage based on Ayatos maximum HP. Wave Flash is initially up to four times stackable, and stacks can be won through attacks with Shunusuiken every 0.1 seconds. The effect of Wave Flash ends when Ayato leaves the Soukai Kanka state.

The disadvantage here is that Ayato in Soukai Kanka can not perform any charged or crashing attacks. This state automatically ends after 15 seconds and can be stopped manually by either Kamisato Type: Kyouka reactivated or exchanged Ayato against another character.

One last element of this ability to pay attention is that the normal attacks of group members near the cooldown of Kamisato type: Kyouka decrease.

  • Cooling: 20 seconds
  • Duration: 15 seconds

Elemental Burst – Kamisato Art: Suiyuu

Creates a circular space in which AOE BloomWater Blades are constantly rising, attacking opponents and cause hydraulic charges. Ayato and its allies also receive additional normal attack damage as they are located in the radius of Kamisato Type: Suiyuu.

  • Cooling: 20 seconds
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Energy costs: 80

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato passive talents

Kamisato Art: Kiyotaki Jouhou

After Ayato Kamisato Type: Kyouka has used it receives Wave Flash two stacks. If Kamisatos Hydro clone explodes due to an attack, Ayato Wave Flash gets equal to the maximum possible stack.

Kamisato Art: Katsusui Senkoku

If Ayato is not on the field and his energy is below 40, it receives two elementary energy per second.

Kamisato Type: Daily cooking

If Ayato cook a dish perfect, he has the same kind to get a chance of 18%, an additional “suspicious” court.

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato constellations

to if you hope to attack hard Ayatos banner, what you can expect in return for your hard earned Primogems.

  • (C1) Kyouka-Fushi – Shunsuiken Damage is increased against enemies with 50% HP or less by 30%
  • (C2) World Source – The maximum number of stack Wave Flash is increased to five. If Ayato has at least three wave flash stack, its maximum health is increased by 50%.
  • (C3) Gensui Ichiro – Increases the level of Kamisato Type: Suiyuu three. The maximum upgrade level rises to 15
  • (C4) Endless River – After using Kamisato Type: Suiyuu all group members get close to 15 seconds 15% attack speed for normal attacks
  • (C5) to admire the flowers – Increases the level of Kamisato Type: Kyouka three. The maximum upgrade level rises to 15
  • (C6) Unlimited origin – After using Kamisato Type: Kyouka generated Ayatos next Shunsuiken attack Shunsuiken two additional beats if they meet enemies, each 450% of Ayatos caused attack than harm. Neither Shunsuiken attacks are influenced by Wave Flash

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato Beta Changes

Genshins beta range seems to be updated weekly, with Ayato reportedly received a number of changes in recent weeks. For example, has been revamped with the update of 7 March Ayatos C6. The two additional Shunsuiken Beats now cause 450% of Ayatos attack as damage instead of 300%.

Ayatos C6 changed:

“After using Kamisato Type: Kyouka generated Ayatos next Shunsuiken attack 2 additional Shunsuiken Beats when they meet opponents, each 450% (300% of age) caused by Ayatos ATK DMG.
These two Shunsuiken attacks are not affected by Namisen. “

  • Ayato Kamisato (yatAyato_Mains) 7. March 2022

The week before, there was much more violent changes that you can view this Reddit thread. As always, we will keep the above taste texts for all talents and constellations of Ayato based on the latest improvements to date.

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato ascent materials

In order to level Ayato, players have in their plunge Lazurite reserves. If you are missing something, go to the Hydro hypostasis, where you can also farms Dews of repudiation that are required to maximize it. Players must also absorb a lot of Sakura Bloom’s Local Inazuma while hacking Samurai to get her hand protectors.

Ascent stage Material no. 1 Material no. 2 Material no. 3 Material no. 4 It must
1 1x Varunada-Lazurite Silver 3x Sakura Bloom 3x Age Hand Protection 20,000
2 3x Varunada-Lazurite fragment 10x Sakura Bloom 15x Age Hand Protection 2x Tau rejection 40,000
3 6x Varunada-Lazurite fragment 20x Sakura Bloom 12x Kageuchi hand guard 4x Tau rejection 60,000
4 3x Varunada Lazurite Chunk 30x Sakura Bloom 18x Kageuchi hand guard 8x Tau rejection 80,000
5 6x Varunada Lazurite Chunk 45x Sakura Bloom 12x Famous Hand Protection 12x Tau rejection 100,000
6 6x Varunada-Lazruit Gem 60x Sakura Bloom 24x Famous Hand Protection 20x Tau rejection 120,000

To bring Ayato at level 90, you need the following:

  • 1x Varunada-Lazurite splitter
  • 9x Varunada-Lazurite fragment
  • 9x Varunada Lazurite Chunk
  • 6x Varunada-Lazurite Gem
  • 168x Sakura Bloom
  • 18x Age Hand Protection
  • 30x Kageuchi-Hand protection
  • 36x Famous Hand Protection
  • 46x Tau rejection
  • 420,000 Mora

Ayato Preparation Manual, if someone wanted it :)) of Ayato_Mains

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato talent materials

Similar to its sister Ayaka uses Ayato Elegance books to improve his talents. Additionally, players to hand protectors should look for when they bring the wandering Ronin of Inazuma to the track. Finally it’s about time to farm the weekly Domain End of the Oneiric Eurythmia for Mudra of the malefic General.

Talent level Material No. 1 Material No. 2 Material No. 3 Material No. 4 It must
2 3x teachings of elegance 6x old hand protection 12,500

WHAT WILL KAMISATO AYATO BRING TO THE TABLE? | Leaked Skills & Jade Cutter Thoughts - Genshin Impact
3 | 2x Guide for Elegance | 3x Kaguchi Hand Protection | – | – | 17,500
4 | 4x Guide for Elegance | 4x Kaguchi Hand Protection | – | – | 25,000
5 | 6x Guide for Elegance | 6x Kaguchi Hand Protection | – | – | 30,000
6 | 9x Guide for Elegance | 9x Kaguchi Hand Protection | – | – | 37,500
7 | 4x philosophies of elegance | 4x famous hand protection | 1x Mudra of malignant general | – | 120,000
8 | 6x philosophies of elegance | 6x famous hand protection | 1x Mudra of malignant general | – | 260,000
9 | 12x philosophies of elegance | 9x famous hand protection | 2x Mudra of malignant general | – | 450,000
10 | 16x philosophies of elegance | 12x Famous Hand Protection | 2x Mudra of malignant general | 1x crown of insight | 700,000

Overall, the players must cover the following to maximize one of Ayatos talents:

  • 3x teachings of elegance
  • 21x guide for elegance
  • 38x philosophies of elegance
  • 6x old hand protection
  • 22x Kaguchi hand protection
  • 31x famous hand protection
  • 6x Mudra of malignant general
  • 1x crown of insight
  • 1.652,500 MORA

And that’s all we have about Ayato at the moment. Look by regularly if Hoyoverse finally confirmed that he is on the way. With so many information that is already out there, and a lot of footage that has already been shared by Leader, it will certainly not take long.