Steam packs his weekend deals again and has a real piece of gem from the year 2021 in the luggage. The special strategy game could draw a large mass of PC players in his spell and became a real surprise hit. Now you can take it to an absolute bargain price.

Steam-deal gives you surprise hit for super price

You are still looking for an exciting weekend employment? Then you should check out the current Steam deals once. There with Loop Hero awaits you a really special strategy RPG with simple deckbuilding elements. But do not worry: You do not have an expert in the genre!

You have never heard of the surprise hit from the year 2021? Then in this trailer once a more accurate picture to the PC game:

Still until March 7 at 19 o’clock you can dust the Loot Game with a Mega discount of 67 percent . This will give it a narrow price of 4.94 euros instead of the usual 14.99 euros. If you should be fans DRM-free games, Loop Hero finds himself on Gog for the PC. Unfortunately unfortunately without discount.

10.000 Steam Achievements in einem Video.
In addition to the fat single discount, Publisher Devolver Digital offers digital on Steam Another attractive bundle together with Inscrustom and Death’s Door. All games with top reviews, which we can warmly recommend.

Loop Hero on the Nintendo Switch

Loop Hero has beaten so big waves to his release on Steam so that it was even published for another platform at the end of 2021: the Nintendo Switch. Since Loop Hero has automatic units in its rounds, it is a magnificent game for handheld mode on the couch .

If you want to acquire it for the switch, you can easily see Loop Hero in the Nintendo eShop.

_Ihr Will more crackers want from the year 2021? This picture section shows real insider tips of the switch: _

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