On a normal day Vanessa Hinz may have been annoyed more about her two penal trials. But the thoughts of the Ukrainian rival do not do anyone untouched. “The week before it was still biathlets, now it’s soldiers. That’s just hurt in the heart,” said Hinz after the fourth place of the German women’s squadron at the World Cup in Kontiolahti in ZDF.

The German quartet, which had just bronze at the Beijing Olympic Games, also feared nine afterwards on Thursday in Finland and had a residue at the victory Norway 1: 57.1 minutes. Two course went to Sweden in front of Italy. Vanessa Voigt, Hinz, Franziska Preuß and Denise Herrmann were missing 57 seconds to third place. Especially because Hinz showed a very weak idea in a standing stop. “It’s really a head thing now,” said Hinz disappointed, “There are no excuses, that’s just a mistake on my part. That was just nothing.”

Solidarity clients for people in Ukraine

But their Patzer were just a rand aspect of a competition that was all about solidarity with Ukraine. In addition to German women, many others approached their guns with yellow-blue hearts. The Czech team appeared with a winter headgear in the Ukrainian national colors and Norway’s world champions all had written the words “No war please” on their headbands. In addition, pictures of the Ukrainian ski hunters and ski hunters were shown on a large video screen before the start.

“Clearly one thinks a lot about the Ukrainians. It’s blatant, that’s not traceless on one past,” Prussian said. Hinz was obviously difficult to find the right words for the situation of the athletes, with which many Germans have been closely friendly for years. “I do not know what to say,” said the Bavarian.

On the Polish-Ukrainian border as tens of thousands flee - BBC Newsnight
After the Russian invasion in their homeland, the Ukrainian team had decided not to start with the remaining three World Cups this winter. In ex-world champion Dmytro Pidruchnyi and relay Olympic champion Julia Dzyma are currently fighting the best biathlets of their country at the front. Also no longer at the start were athletes from Russia and Belarus. They were excluded from the World Association IBU. The races in Kontiolahti take place only a good 70 kilometers away from the Russian border.

Lesser makes up

The third-lastest World Cup of Winter is continued on Friday (14.30 / ZDF and Eurosport) with the Season of Men. Then it starts for Erik Lesser the time of farewell. The 33-year-old Thuringian announced his resignation at the end of the season in two and a half weeks on Thursday. “For me it was that. I’ll pack my stuff here now, do my three World Cups and then: Adios Amigos! Then it’s enough for me and that fits very well,” Lesser said in his podcast “The Biathlon Double Room”.

The Routinian is currently also busy the situation of the Ukrainians. “I can not imagine, I’m a soldier,” said the ex-world champion that his sports opponents are now in the fighting zone in military use and fear for their lives: “To travel home in such a situation and then travel home To swap the Olympia uniform against the military uniform to defend family, friends and their land. I do not want to paint that. “

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