The Gyeonggi Province is looking for a company to lead the metabus era. The road ‘2022 Audition (VR / AR) Audition (VR / AR) Audition (Audition Audition) “has been recruited by the participating company and said it was recruited for the 4th.

Since 2017, the audition held annually is a place to discover the road virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) promising companies. Selected companies are active in NRP (New Reality Partners) 7 rates, and receive development programs for development funds and 6 months. NRP (New Reality Partners) means a specialized virtual / augmented reality (VR / AR) corporate company in Gyeonggi Province.

Domestic and overseas leading companies and investors have been fostered in early 148 virtual / augmented reality sectors by 2021 from 2017 to 2021. This year, a total of 20 companies are selected. The field of selection is scheduled to select 10, each of the “ideas stage” and ‘commercialization stage’, each of which is a total of two.

In the total of 1.3 billion won, the idea supports each of the more than 30 million won and commercialization for each company. It also provides a variety of support programs including 1: 1 mentoring, investment attracting activities, corporate exchange, and final performance (Demideo) for 6 months after selection.

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Meanwhile, NRP graduated companies are growing as a metabus company that represents the Republic of Korea, including the Top Innovation Award (CES) of the International Electronics Product Fair (CES) (CES). Gyeonggi Province will actively support global metabus ecosystems as cooperation between seniors.

Qualifications are enterprises within seven years of transitioning to the initial enterprise of virtual / augmented reality, and virtual / augmented reality. In the audition, we plan to evaluate the performance (such as its originality, such as the company (such as its originality, etc.) ▲ (such as its originality) ▲ (business capability, etc.).

The audit proceeds to the secondary publication after the primary document screening. Application for support is possible by registration of online information and email ([email protected]) until 6 pm March 25.

For more information, please refer to Gyeonggi Content Promotion Agency ( Business announcements, or by the Mirae Content (031-8064-1778).