Call of Duty®:Mobile - Cinematic Trailer
Active Call of Duty: Mobile was counted to have a $ 1.5 billion sales so far.

According to the 2nd Market Research Agencies Sensor Tower, Call of Duty of Activision and Tencent Timi Studio is jointly developed by Timmaids: Mobile is a global sales in about 29 months after the launch of Mobile, It is estimated to break.

In particular, sales increased by 45% YoY, and the annual maximum performance was also recorded. Such sales increased significantly since the launch of China in December 20020. Callod Duty Mobile was aggregated to earn $ 134.5 million (about 174 billion won) in the Chinese App Store last year.

Call of Duty Mobile has won the worldwide Mobile Shooter genre game, followed by Battle Ground Mobile, Garena Prefire, which is jointly developed by Craftone and Tencent. Last year, Mobile Shooter Genre game sales were about 7,680 billion won.

The highest area of ​​Call of Duty Mobile is the highest area of ​​US $ 43 percent, $ 647 million (about 780 billion won). In the second place in Japan, China ranked third.

“Call of Duty Mobile has contributed to Mobile Shooter Gamer Game Settlement with Battle Ground Mobile Success”..