Cocone Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Setagaya Ward, Representative Director: Shibata Western, and “Cocone”) starts the official delivery of the 3D character dressing app “Pokepia” March 1, 2022 (Tuesday).

Cocone Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Setagaya Ward, Representative Director: Shibata Western, and “Cocone”) starts from March 1 (Tuesday) March 1, 2022, 3D Characters.

# Open the world of new avatar apps at the 3D Digital World of Cocone “First”!

· The latest work of Cocone, which works with many avatar apps, such as “Pokeco”, which is supported by more than 20 million customers!
· 360 ° Digital World, who is committed to “Kawaii” to detail
· Enjoy avatars with avatars and spaces, and enjoy the voice chat with friends

A number of services “Digital World Decoration and Communication Can Can Communicate” a number of services, and a new group of cocone services, which boasts a total of ¥ 140,000 of digital assets, and 9 billion sales results.

“Pokepier” welcomes the 10th anniversary in 2021, and you can enjoy avatars and space coordination in a 360 ° digital world, with the cuteness of “Pokeco”, which is now familiar to many people.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a voice chat function, and it is one of the attractive things that can be done daily with the fellow friends.

Enjoy another life in “Pokepia” with cute fashion and actions that Cocone delivered.

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# How to enjoy “Pokupia”

※ The screen may be different from the actual specification for what is being developed.

# # Avatar and love your own star!

Dress your favorite avatars from the item you got in Gacha and Shops to your favorite coordination. Your star drawn in 3D can also place interiors in your favorite location, replace it with your favorite item, or change freely.

# Let’s go to the star of the residents!

You can go to play freely to the stars of the residents other than you. Let’s show that you are planting on the stars and let me know what you have come. If you go out to a lot of stars, you may find various Corde of Pokupia’s residents, or you also find a friend who will feel.

# Between the residents at the party!

Let’s harvest the fruit of the tree and hold the fruits of the trees and hold a party. Please enjoy communication with popping people with voice chat! Of course you can chat with text, and you can also bring a heart or gift to enliven the party.

# First of all, you will receive a luxury item such as a limited item and a gacha ticket!

Since all missions were achieved in the pre-registration campaign conducted from the end of last year, the following benefits will be presented to all those who started the app within the period.

# # Benefits Contents

Memorial for 20,000 people: “20,000 coins”
Memorial for 40,000 people: “Colon Corbon Corde”
60,000 people breakthrough commemoration: “Gacha ticket x 5” (※ 30 days after receipt of expiration date)
80,000 people breakthrough commemoration: “2,100 peers” (more than R or more is set to 7 consecutive gachas)
100,000 people breakthrough commemoration: “Cherry tree” (limited item available only in this campaign)
※ Coin, peer is in the app in the “Pokepia” app.


March 31, 2012 (Thu) until 23:59

# Limited time gacha event held!

For a limited time, we will hold a gacha event “Innocent Clover” and “Sugar Pop Cup Cake”.

“Innocent Clover” is a theme of pure-sick silhettes Mexus, who was loved by many customers in Pokeco. “Sugar Pop Cup Cake” can earn a soft cute item that imaged “Cupcakes with a Magical Country Resident”.


Until 23:59 May 2022 (Tuesday)

# App Overview

Genre: Social Network (Character Dressing Service) Supported OS: iOS 11.0 or higher, Android OS 6.0 or more Price: Basic Free (Partial Charge) Copyright: (C) COCONE CORPORATION

# About Cocone Co., Ltd.

Cocone is supported by more than 20 million customers, including the character wearing application “Pokeco” for smartphones, “Pokeco” sister app “Pokeco Twin”, released in July 2021, and he hit There are many social networked digital content, such as “Livry Island”.

“Character” exists, such as Cocone’s service, such as “Social service to be decorated and enjoyed” and “games with decorative elements”, and “Coordinating” element, “Play (PLAY)” It is a service that can be d1. Coconne has developed this genre as “CCP (Color CCP (Color CCP (abbreviation of CHARACTER COORDINATING PLAY).

Based on the block chain technology, many creators and buyers can participate in the NFT Marketplace “Cobalt” that can participate, guarantee the value of popular digital items, guaranteeing the value of popular digital items, and further economic in the future online world We aim to contribute to the expansion of the area. In addition, based on existing CCP services, it is not convenient and functionality, and it is challenged to the construction of a digital world that can be katachi who is good at cocone.

In April 2017, the subsidiary COCONE Education Co., Ltd. Occupational House “International Montessori Miraikinder Garten” is opened, and bilingual, Montessori, and computer science will be a core of future-oriented. Online in 2019 We have a subsidiary of the game portal’s long-established “Hange”.

In 2021, we established a Cocone Connect Corporation that operates “Farm Wedding Eclections” series and “Self” series for further development of CCP services, and Cocone Fashion Co., Ltd. I am pre-opening the EC service “Choiceis” (Choice Zyze).

We aim to build new digital worlds by combining avatar development and community operation, language education experience and technology such as block chain, NFT.

# # Main business operated by Coconone Co., Ltd.

Pokecoro Twin:
Lvley Island:
Disney My Little Doll:
· Sanrio Hello Suite Days-Hello Sweet Days: https: //
· Cat Nyahu-Nya Miserables-: https: //
· Sensil ~ Fantasy Dressing Battle ~: https: //
· Online game portal “Hange”:
· Avatar brand business: https: //Connect.COCONE.CO.JP/
· Fashion EC service “Choice IS”: https: //
· A childian “International Montessori Mirai Kinder Garten”:

Company Profile

Company Name: Cocone Co., Ltd. (URL: Representative: Deputy Director Western Western Public Settlement: September 2008 Location: Tokyo Setagaya Wang Wakabayashi 3-1-18 Business Overview : Social Network Services Business, Social Game Business, Language Project