Neogez has a work agreement with the Rural Development Administration, and it was aware that it is aware that it is to contribute to the expansion of domestic fostering varieties through its game ‘Real Fall’ through its game ‘Real Fall’.

The Convention has a major way of using the game performance of Real Palm, which is a major case informing the game’s positive role, and both agencies are mutually cooperated with information exchange for distribution of domestic varieties, and replace foreign varieties into domestic varieties We plan to expand the campaigns to create a variety of campaigns.

Rural Development Administration plans to provide domestic and steadily provincial dysfunction and provide domestic cultivaries with existing varieties and differentiated features, and Real Pampers collect my coupons in the game and re-exchange agriculture when exchanging agricultural products You will be able to meet.

In addition, the contents of ‘domestic cultivation varieties’ contents are also developed in the game so that they are naturally known as direct cultivating domestic cultivars. In addition, in Neo Games, it is expected to meet the domestic farmhouse, and it is expected to be a great help to expand the domestic farmhouse and early seating of domestic farmhouse.

253 Rural Development: Basic Concepts -- Lecture 1
The Neogez Jeong Yeon-bum said, “The National Farming Game ‘Real Farm’ is a leading to Corona 19, which is a leading to the early spread of domestic and regional products for increased agricultural competitiveness and increasing the agricultural competitiveness of rapidly changing and increasing farms. I will blow a little bit in the stagnant farmers. “

Rural Development Administration Technology District and Joo Eun-hee said, “We plan to work organically to enlarge the expansion of the production so that domestic cultivar production farms can produce agricultural products without worrying.”