FC SCHALKE 04: Zweitligist beendet Zusammenarbeit mit russischem Sponsor Gazprom I WELT Eilmeldung
The FC Schalke 04 is under pressure due to the controversial sponsoring by Gazprom. Meanwhile, a separation from the Russian natural gas promotion company is discussed. A termination of the years of cooperation would be legally possible.

Due to the Russian crime war on Ukraine, FC Schalke 04 is currently evoking the partnership with its main sponsor Gazprom. Since 2007, the state company has promoted the jerseys of the royal blue. In response to the war triggered by Russia, Schalke Gazprom banished the past away game at Karlsruher SC (1: 1) from his casual clothes.

Whether there is a future between the club and his sponsor, is more questionable than ever. Financially, FC Schalke 04 would have to accept large financial losses on premature separation. According to “kicker”, the second division collides by the deal almost ten million euros per season.

On a return to the Bundesliga, the Gelsenkirchernen would even wave up to 20 million euros annually. The “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” had also called similar numbers. By contrast, “picture” reported from 15 million euros in the ascent.

FC Schalke 04 hesitated with separation

However, FC Schalke 04 has not yet set itself a termination of cooperation. However, such a decision from a legal point of view would be probably possible. So the “kicker” cites a passage from the old, until 2022 valid contract. “The right of both parties for termination for good cause remains unaffected,” calls the specialist magazine the paragraph 13.3.

Last March, FC Schalke 04 and Gazprom had extended until 2025. According to “Kicker” it is “very likely” that the “important termination reason” is also committed to the new paper. But the FC Schalke 04 is still hesitating with a separation.

BVB-BOSS and DFL-Interim President Hans-Joachim Watzke had already held in “ZDF” that German football would show itself solidarically with the second division in the event of a separation.