Sony has continued to reveal more information about the next PlayStation VR successor, which will rightly be called PlayStation VR2. While Sony has disclosed numerous data related to the hardware during last year, finally, today we could see for the first time how the PSVR2 headphones will really be seen. And although the headset itself is not so stunning to see at first glance, it is definitely a bit different compared to the first model.

Highlighted through the PlaystationSony blog launched a handful of PlayStation VR2 images this morning that not only showed the headphones itself, but also the final version of the sensory controllers. This time, the headphones and the drivers come in a black and white color scheme, which makes the hardware combine very well with the color of the PLAYSTATION 5. «The design of the PS VR2 headphones was also inspired by the appearance of The PS5 family family, “said Hideaki Nishino from PlayStation over the appearance of the headphones. “When our design team created the PS5 console, the next-generation VR headphones also had in mind, so you will notice some similarities in appearance.”

PlayStation VR2 Headset Revealed! | PSVR2 BREAKING NEWS
While the general appearance of PlayStation VR2 is in what most of the possible owners of the headphones will focus, Sony said it also did everything possible to ensure that the hardware is comfortable to use. «For PS VR2 headphones, we took one more step in comfort by adding new functions, such as a lens adjustment dial, so that users have an additional option to match the lens distance between their eyes to optimize their eyesight. We also create a thinner design with a slight weight reduction, even with the new features added, such as the new engine integrated for headphones feedback, “Nishino continued in the publication of the blog. “It was a challenge to create a thinner design with new aggregate features to improve our first headset, but our design and engineering teams showed that this could be possible when we saw the final design.”

Perhaps the only disappointing news related to PlayStation VR2 today is that Sony has not yet committed to a launch window of any kind for the platform. Although these continuous ads on the part of Sony with PS VR2 would appear that a launch for 2022 is in the cards, time will tell if this really is concrete.

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