FIFA 22 continues to celebrate your free envelope promotion next to twitch . Prime Gaming publishes the expected pack during the month of February. If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime you can link it with Twitch to access these rewards. We tell you everything you should know.

What do envelopes for FIFA 22 of Twitch Prime in February 2022?

  • 7 unique gold players
  • 2 player elections with average of 82
  • 12 Special consumables
  • A KEANTE Item yielded by 20 games


With them you have the possibility to receive items of Road to The Final , the promotion available until next February 25th.

How do I exchange the Twitch Envelopes Prime for FIFA 22?

  1. Go to this link and log in with your Twitch account.
  2. Click on the ‘Request Now’ box on top of the Turn on.
  3. You will be Electronic Artsked to link your game account. Click on ‘Go to Electronic Arts’.
  4. A request for access to your Electronic Arts account will appear in the pop-up window. Select ‘Authorize’.
  5. Now you will be directed to the Electronic Arts footbridge. Log in with the EA account linked to the profile of the platform where you usually play FIFA 22.
  6. If everything hElectronic Arts functions correctly, the information you have provided will appear on the screen. Make sure the data hElectronic Arts been well entered and click on ‘Yes, links’.
  7. Once the confirmation is received, go to Ultimate Team and in the store you will see the envelope ready for opening.

If you want to know the details completely, visit this link.

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