‘Devolver Digital’ is the latest Heroes of the 8-bit pixel game developed by the Mad Scientist ‘Sos Sos Sosowski’ in February 18, Pixel 3 (MCPixel 3) was released.

First Call With My Son - Matthew’s True Pixel Story

Macpel 3 is a background that will be fully new, crazy for a perfectly new, crazy for the world to save the world of heroes. Macpel summers a spider-billionaire, put BBQ into the pants, and a crisis, such as putting BBQ on the pants, and tiranoosaurus, and a crisis.

Macpel 3 is not a fake madness that induces a delightful laughter from the previous work, it is armed with a pure intention of ‘real madness’, and there is a decision to stimulate the mind of ‘Gemal Al’ I was evaluated. Even in the latest, the sense can be said that the sense is stronger than dying.

The unique points boast over 100 steps and over 900 gag elements, more than 1,500 responses and more than 20 different responses, and all genres that can imagine more than 20 different responses, and the overwhelming optimizations are driven in ‘grandmother’. Also, Macpel 3, which is officially released, is intended to be released.

The latest news of the ‘era’ in the ‘era’, which mobilized 258,924,600 pixels, can be found on the Dolverburg Digital Official Twitter and Macpel Official Sites.